X Days Later

This new feature is getting kind of annoying.

I haven’t seen it since that one day…

Well, I just saw a “5 days later” above your post on the RIP thread.

Okay, I’m seeing it now. I guess I didn’t notice it when I posted. That could be because I was blind, or it could be because it doesn’t show up until you go back into the thread. shrug

It doesn’t bother me that much. Anyone else want to add their two cents?

I’m with CWX on this one.


So long as no one goes around resurrecting threads just to see how many days inactive they were I can pretty well ignore it.

Probably not worth $0.02 though.

You do know that someone’s going to do that now, don’t you. :smile:

EDIT to stay on topic: Doesn’t really bug me. $0.02

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I suppose there are people who visit this forum who can’t do the math, but …

Ah, hell. @TechnoMistress is right, somebody will do it…

We really only use 6 topics here anyway.

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Ahh, looks like it’s customizable. I’ve set it to not show until 14 days have passed—two weeks seems like a long enough interval for a reminder about thread necromancy.

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Same here.