WOW things sure have changed

Man you don’t stop by for four or five years and everything just changes. Sheesh consistency people I am too old to learn new fangled things.


Hey there! Good to see you back again. :slight_smile:

Thanks its good to be here. So much has changed. Is NB, F10, Willow, or NB’s wife still around?

NB, TSB, F10 are still around. F10 is still quite active, though NB and TSB aren’t here as often.

Woah, hey there @Haywire!

@Force10 is still around regularly. @Nick_Burns is seen occasionally, @TSB maybe less occasionally? No Willow of late.

heya Dak!

Cool some of the same faces so there is some familiarity there. How have you been doing sir?

Hi there! I’m the new guy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Who are you again? :smile:

Welcome back, man. How goes?

How long has it been, and how much time do you have? :smile:

@Force10 Hey it’s only been like a lot of years how could anyone forget my magnificence. It’s like a bad rash you just can’t help but remember me…wait what??

@dakboy a long time sir a very long time. I dunno why either possibly just life I think I even had another kid since I was last around. No sure my daughter was born yet.

At Road_Rash Hey new guy which you should call me wine you probably badly been around more recently. I am old new lol. Also we just instantly became friends if your name is based on the old Genesis game. I am a big time gamer since the Atari 2600. Berserk4Life!

The above post was made incoherent that’s to autocorrect and my iPhone. Your all welcome and good luck deciding it.

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Yes, it is. I played Road Rash 1 & 2 on the Genesis, Road Rash on the 3DO, and Road Rash 3D on the PS1.

I was the first kid on the block with a Pong system back in the day.


I think we’re in the same boat there. I did a quick scan on my email to see if I could find a “Haywire replied to…” notification and all I could find was the selfie you sent me a decade ago when I was running the CoG photo gallery.

Now that’s funny because I had to go to my saved folder for that email to get my avatar lol

That was soooo long ago a decade. What do they say? Time flies when your having fun!

Wow, those pictures still all up somewhere?

No, they came down many years ago for a variety of reasons. They were hosted on a box sitting in what eventually became dakson’s bedroom. I don’t even think I have a backup of that system anymore, but I probably have all the photos buried in, given that I found @haywire’s pic pretty quickly (yay, Spotlight!)

I have a saved folder cause I am a collection nut that gets backed up to Carbonite this email just happened to be part of it so I was able to grab the attachment. Did not try the link address. I would guess no.

{sends obligatory wave}

NB!!! Hey man.

You can’t just do a wave by. Give me a 411 how is life? What you been up to? Where do you stand on nonsensical comments on plankton?? Details man details!

I think that’s his first post in a couple months.

We’ve come a long way from Nick filling threads all by himself. Now that’s my job.