Would You Miss It?

Nice to see you again, @Guido

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No wonder there isn’t as much internet as there used to be.

Ride it for what it’s worth man, good jorb.


I’m glad to be around - things are good but busy, so it’s nice to see the old gang - even if I’m lurking most of the time!

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Stroke of luck.

We decided to spend our last R900 of money purchasing a sack of potatoes, sweet potatoes, beetroot, carrots and a couple of butternuts.

Separated the whole lot into 1kg baggies, and weighed them. It actually worked out cheaper than the stuff you buy in the shops, but leaving us with a healthy markup.

Yesterday I rocked up at work with the first of the veggies. Today everything is sold out, and we’ve made a nice profit in the bargain too.

Since it works out good for us, we’ve decided to start this going and see if we can derive a source of alternative income… will be great if I can actually quit my job in IT and start a career selling veggies (and fruit)… but only time will tell…


Space, I just wanted enough room to walk around the living room

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Well that would make sense then. :wink:

That is also why I’m not allowed to have a grand piano. Well, that and the price.

They don’t come in the color I would want anyway.

After being out of work for a year,and then back at work for almost 5 months now, I realise just how much I miss the freedom of not working.

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I know what you mean. I loved being an unemployed bum. The only reason I’m working again is because I need the paycheck. At least I have four day work weeks now!

I actually had some Plans for my expected unemployment… I was very surprised it only lasted 3 weeks!

About the time I started feeling better enough to enjoy not working was the time where I had to go back to work. I could have milked another couple weeks out of it, but I would have been out of FMLA.

Just an update - most of our friends and colleagues have had some seri-ass sniffles, flu and germ stuff this year.

But not us, just a minor sniffle or two which cleared up after a day or two.

And interestingly, other ailments also disappeared.

Seems it also depend on where you live as air quality is also responsible for your health.

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Getting really fed up with city living.

We are looking at selling our freeholding, and with the money, purchase a house/farm in the boondocks somewhere in the Western Cape.

The plan here is to have all our debts settled, and have enough money left over to live comfortably for a couple of years.

Of course I will look at doing small jobs to generate a small income, and we will also look at methods to generate income as well… city life just sucks.

At this stage it is only dreams. But it is what we want to do.