Woodman's cancer... Good wishes and updates!


Hopefully this thread can just die a natural death after this post. Though it is interesting to me to read over to see where my head was at during some of this. I kind of have a 2 month hole in last year, with patches missing here and there. Turns out severe anemia isn’t good for your retention skills. My wife says I spent a lot of time just sitting and staring off into space, and sleeping.

Anyway, I have unassimilated from the Borg Collective. They took my port out yesterday, and my healing factor bit me in the butt, my flesh attached to the catheter so when they tried to pull it out like starting a chain saw, it was dragging my neck with it. Really uncomfortable, so they had to make another cut to get it to release.

I got to hear the nightmare story of the two patients he had that didn’t take their ports out for 5 years, he had to cut the catheter and go in later for open heart surgery to get them out.

Anyway, quarterly checkups for now, CT scan every 1-2 years, and I guess that’s it until it comes back. He hasn’t had anyone come out of remission since he started this treatment, but he’s only been doing it this way for a few years, and teh average remission is 10-15 years.


Well, last visit my CT was clean, but I’ve been getting night sweats again. My doctor went from happy smiley congrats you are clean to stone face let’s get you a PET scan and a bone marrow test.

I have the PET scan today, and the bone marrow test Monday.

At worst, not total worst, but some worst, I’ll go in for a single treatment or two and then be back to normal.


Here’s hoping that everything tests out as normal!


Praying for you, buddy.


Sorry to hear mate. Here’s hoping it’s nothing more than a couple of treatments, as you say.


And don’t keep us in suspense. Tell us as soon as you get the results so we can all party with you. :tada:



I’m sending good thoughts your way. And a picture of an otter sharing its baby with you, just 'cause. :slight_smile:


Thanks, I should know Wednesday afternoon. Bone marrow biopsy today.


Yeah, got a bit of it back. It isn’t curable, so I always have some,but apparently it’s above the minimum threshold and since I’m symptomatic, treatment.

Four sessions once a week every six months for two years. Whoop!


Bugger, that would be teh suck.

Better than the alternative though!


Meh, sorry man. My buddy’s mom is going through similar - hers is just going to keep recurring, so they keep treating it on and off. At least you know what to expect this time around, more or less, not that that really helps much. We’re pulling for you, though!


This is the one that only sucked while I was actively getting it. Rituxin means I get juiced with Benedryl and spend the day in a haze.

It’s the other one that smacks my immune system in the face and makes it cry.


First session tomorrow. It just hit me yesterday that while one treatment won’t be a big deal I may not be thinking the same thing by the end of the fourth one.

Anyway, no port so they get to hook me to an IV.


I hope you feel better soon and that the treatments aren’t too awful. Take care of yourself!



Went into an allergic reaction about half an hour into chemo. Ears hurt,noses running throat was closing up, large cat sitting on my chest. Then when they pulled me out of it I couldn’t stop shivering for an hour.

After that though, the ritual poisoning went well.tired now,sleep soon.


Oh, that sounds awful. That sounds like when I came out of anaesthesia after my knee surgery. I couldn’t get warm and they kept piling heated blankets on me. I swore I’d never go under again unless I had to after that.


Just as an interesting aside. I’m not going to force anybody to do it, but according to alternative healers, cancer is caused by an acidic body (meat, coffee) and high sugar intake.

Will it be possible for those who have cancer measure their body’s acidity?

If anybody is interested, that is. Not gonna force anybody to.


And my thoughts and prayers are with you. Strongs!


Yeah, the alkaline thing. My doctor doesn’t buy it.

And my cancer is one of the odd ones out in a lot of ways anyway.

But I just finished. The third of four treatments in the current batch and I lived, so. That’s good.


One of the (if not THE) premier cancer research and treatment hospitals is in Houston, and is a customer. If the above were true, I’m pretty sure they’d be all over it. Kinda thinking it might be snake oil or wishful thinking.