Woodman's cancer... Good wishes and updates!


Hang in there. It sounds like the balance leans toward good news!


Keep going! I’m very glad to hear that the cancer is on the run.


Keep going! All of the best!


5th treatment tomorrow.

Reading some of these earlier posts I was pretty low at some points here. Doing a lot better now.


Good to hear. You have been a bit more upbeat :+1:


And we’re happy to have the old Woodman back.


Got home from Chemo, grilled some t-bones and pineapple slices, with baked potatoes. Watched the last episodes of the Last Airbender again. And downloaded X-Com2 for preload.

No neulasta shot this weekend also, so no bonebreak fever symptoms.

This is going pretty freaking well.


Glad to hear you’re not dead yet.


OK, speaking perverse incentives. I haven’t paid anything on any of this because the bills are all bouncing back and forth. Things have settled down and I have bills in my grubby little hands adding up to my Out of pocket for the prior year, as well as the funds to pay it.

The thing is, I set up a payment plan to pay my hospital bill with the hospital. But some of them went into collections so I had to call the collections people. They offered me a 20% cash discount for paying immediately. Why the hell should I ever pay on time if by just waiting a couple months I can get a 20% discount without even negotiating?

Perverse incentive right there. Now, I’m not cancelling my payment plan on the other bills, but really, I could save my self at least a grand a year right there off the top. Assuming I didn’t negotiate even harder with these people.


The downside is the effect on your credit score. You may save money in the short term, but if you ever have to borrow money, you’ll lose in the long run due to higher interest rates.


True, but I don’t use credit as a rule, have a 15 year mortgage, and 2 years left on my 4 year old car. If I was going to do the math I wonder which would be cheaper over the long run.

In any case, I’d just rather not go into collections in the first place even without credit issues.


Are they in real collections, or the fake hospital-still-owns-but-calls-collections? Because one is not good, and one is irrelevant. And sometimes the hospital can pull them back out of collections if it hasn’t been too long. Especially if the reason it went there in the first place is because insurance couldn’t figure out their part. Good luck! The last thing you need right now is this headache.


Nah, I’m good. I let it go into collections. I had a set of bills from July, then the cancer bills started in September.In order to make sure insurance paid everything I didn’t touch any of it till I got the EOB that said I hit my OOP. I should have done this back in December or January, but no harm no foul.

Part of the reason I waited is I have a deductible refund program at work. The first $1,500 of out patient gets refunded, and the first $3,000 of in patient. Since I went to the hospital after I maxed my OOP I was waiting to see how much I would get, if anything out of that. I got $800 in December for my hospital copay. So between my FSA, my wife’s, and the refund, I’m about $1,000 out of pocket on almost $300k in bills.

Now that the machine is running I’m done with last year except the payment arrangement I made with the hospital. The coming year’s bills I’ll likely negotiate with the facility based on the fact that my insurance carrier is paying 99.8% of the bills and they don’t really need the entire 5k from me. I expect them to write off 10%.

I’d rather negotiate payment on the front end, but none of these people know how much anything costs.


No chemo today. My white blood cell count has gone through the basement. Neutrapenic again.

CT scan Monday, CT aided bone marrow biopsy on Tuesday, maybe Chemo Thursday and Friday next week.

I don’t know whether to freak out or not.


Don’t freak out. All that does is cause you stress. We’re all rooting for you, so make sure to tell us how things go!


Hey, man, we’re all pulling for you.


Does waving your hat help in these circumstances? Give it a try.


The calming part is the fact that I needed all these tests anyway. The freak out part is I was supposed to be done, and my nurse practitioner was very abrupt .


It never hurts.

Unless you’ve torn your rotator cuff. Then it’ll probably hurt.


There’s nothing to be gained from freaking out, so there’s no point to doing so.