Woodman's cancer... Good wishes and updates!


Halloween’s tomorrow. You’ve got time.

And you are more important than some silly holiday.


The cancer is getting the shirt kicked out of it. It’s the debris and junk from that that’s messing me up.


The candy this year all tastes like sour lemons… it’s a bad crop… you aren’t missing anything.

Your kids will probably put on a brave face to show you how good it tastes… but they’re lying. It’s all bad. You don’t want any.

You get twice as much next year. Tell your wife Doc said so.


Might get out tomorrow.


Eish! Dunno how I missed this one, but @Woodman all of the best!


I am home.


So… party @ Woodman’s house, right?


Maybe a leetle, quiet one.


A nap party!


How about a sausage party?


Is a sausage party one where you whip out and proudly show off your sausage? :stuck_out_tongue:


Round two of chemo tomorrow. It’s supposed to be easier,and they are reducing the dosage 25%. But I won’t know for a week how bad it’s going to be.

Not going to the hospital again.


We blew off church, small group, and girl scouts yesterday and went to a state park to wander around. Great time looking at future camping spots and just generally having a good time. I spent most of the afternoon in a haze. Kind of over did it, but it was worth the effort. And frankly, I can’t just sit around 100% of the time. I might as well not be here then.

Meanwhile I’m still ruining my win percentage in WoT. I cannot play the game for shit right now it seems. Too twitchy I think, WoS is more my speed right now. So I’m looking through all my humble bundles for something a bit slower.


Glad to hear you’re keeping up and about :slight_smile: hopefully the chemo response with the reduced dosage is still positive!


Reminds me of my younger days. My buddy had his wisdom teeth pulled back when it would take you a good week to recover. So we went out and bought him this fun new game called ‘Out Of This World’. Every time I’m laid up for a while I keep wanting to play it.


All my blood levels except hemoglobin are at or above normal now. I’m still anemic, but not as bad as I’ve been, so I got one bag o’ blood today.

Next appointment Tuesday to make sure I don’t fall apart over the holiday.

And I’m going to have an apple to celebrate. The first one I’ve had since this all started.


Good to hear things are almost back to normal now.

All of the best, buddy! :wink:


Chemo session III next Wednesday. I’m awesome except for Hemoglobin, and some occasional lymph node swelling and pain. Kind of weird, it’s like they vote one in office and it swells and hurts for about 24 hours, then there is a 5-7 wait while they hold elections for the next one. My NP said many lymphoma patients swear they can feel the chemo doing things.

Anyway, looks like we’re over the worst, I’ll likely go back to work in a couple weeks, don’t want to use up all my FMLA in one big shot.

If you had told me last month I’d be feeling this well I’d have called you a liar. MY doctor was telling me that and I thought he was crazy.



Post Chemo update.

Chemo went well this time, slept through half the first dosage. Then couldn’t fall asleep that night until 3:45 AM. Second day went well also. I’ve been back to work since Christmas week, and I went back to work Friday after chemo.

This weekend the neulasta shot took me down. My bones ached all weekend, tired, and not focused at all. Woke up this morning almost human again so I’m anticipating some lower energy levels until the later in the week and then back to “normal”?

The actual disease itself appears to still be on the run, plan of treatment isn’t changing. Only two more double chemo days, then one every other month for two years.