Woodman's cancer... Good wishes and updates!


I’m glad you were able to convince her to go after all. Sucks on the diuretic, though.


Dang, that’s a lot of wiz! You may as well grab some supplies and camp on the can.
Plus, what CWX said. :wink:


Dropped 10 pounds in 12 hours, that’s effed up.


How is @Woodman doing this week? Still praying for you, buddy.


Down to 300 pounds until they gave me a couple bags of hydration, sitting at 303 now. That’s 22 pounds since the 1st or so. I’m starting to get a little freaked out by that, but my NP doesn’t seem worried yet. She more concerned about my uric acid level, which is too high, and my hydration. I physically cannot drink enough to stay hydrated right now, I don’t know why not.

Turns out there is a numbing cream for my port they didn’t give me. So that whole cyborg clicking in to the machinery feeling won’t be so bad. It’s a 3/4 inch needle that goes straight into my chest kind of clicks in place. It’s a little icky.

Wife is still in France having a good time, but I can’t complain to anyone anywhere she can see it or she freaks out worrying about me. I’d like to state officially here, where she doesn’t look that I am tired, exhausted, bored, tired, and just want to take a big break. But, I’m the adult in the house. When she gets home I’m going to jsut lay on the couch and be a slug for a whole day.

I just need to lose it for a little bit, get a good hug, and take a nap knowing someone else is responsible. Having her gone is harder than I thought it would be, but I can’t really let her know that. She doesn’t need the guilt. And it’s silly, because all I have to do is keep the house reasonably clean and hang out with my daughter. And work. It’s just not that easy right now. In the morning I’m mostly ok, but afternoons are bad.If she was here I’d just power through it and lean on her some, without her around I’m not doing as well.


Let yourself go when you can! Not only is your body fighting the cancer, it’s fighting the chemo too, so it’s not surprising that what doesn’t seem like much when you’re healthy is exhausting you now.

My mom had a port like yours. I remember that it was kind of icky, especially since I was 13 or 14 at the time.

{{virtual hug @Woodman}}


Losing it for a while is a lot like a safety valve for the stress, frustration, and everything else.

Nabiki is right about the chemo. I’m sure when your wife gets home and you can explain that to her, she won’t be quite so upset. Frankly, feeling like crap (or worse) is just proof that you are doing what the doctors tell you.

Once again, if you need some herbal remedy, let me know and I will see what I can do.


Yeah, I have to wait for her to come home, and then wait long enough after that so it doesn’t look like I was waiting.

I live out in the country man, I could almost buy some at the grocery store. I think It would take maybe two calls. Hell, I have a county mounty two doors down and a max sec prison down the road, I could buy a slightly used meth lab in a day.

Edit: And apparently the stitch I get in my side sometimes that makes breathing weird is probably my spleen. It’s kind of large. I’m learning how to adjust things so it goes away.


If venting here helps even in the slightest, vent away, Woodman. Don’t feel you need to hold back, or soften anything. We are here for you, and we can take it.


And I’m adding a blowfish emoji because it’s symbolic of you being able to blow your top here or tell us how it blows or something… okay, I’m adding it because it’s cute…



Not a fan of the feels this is causing.

Tonight I have to start cleaning this place up. It’s not all that messy, but there are two days worth of dishes in the sink and crap on the tables. It’s just messy enough that I can’ t totally relax, too bad I can’t call one of the people who keep offering to help and have them do it. I’m not quite that weak yet.

Seriously though, big time help right now would be someone to do my dishes and just declutter the damn place.


I don’t know if your finances would extend to this, but have you thought about hiring a cleaning service to send someone a couple of days a week to do this sort of thing?


It’s just this week while she’s gone, I don’t want her coming back to a mess.

And I’m getting another bag of fluid, may need blood Monday. Hemoglobin is down to 8.5, which is bad bad. But I talked to my NP and I am doing really well, the chemo hits 7-14 days after its administered, so I should be near bottom now.

I was really hit by the news that I will never donate blood again though. That’s one of my things, especially since my blood w a s good for people with autoimmune diseases and premies.


I don’t think most people understand some of the long-term consequences, even if a person remains cancer-free, such as donating blood, possible immune issues, etc.


My NP keeps asking me about nausea, and I think it’s hitting now. I’m taking the pill before it hits all the way, fuck that shit, it’s hard enough to keep hydrated and fed as it is now, I don’t need to waste what I am taking in.


Is medical marijuana a thing in Indiana? Would probably help with the nausea.


No it’s not. It’s also not hard to get hold of, but the pills are working so far.


Oh, and another thing. Who the hell decided I should start getting cold when it’s above 30? I’m sitting here in a 50 degree house wearing jeans, giant fuzzy socks, and a long sleeved T shivering.

I can’t finish the day off at work, no more braining left, so I’m going to try to get in some Borderlands 2 time in.


All that weight you lost was insulation.


What @dakboy said. Feeling cold is very common with sudden weight loss.
Are you on enough chemo to lose your hair? I remember that my mom’s hair was curly when it started to grow back after chemo. Since she was pure Japanese, it was… odd.


That seems to happen a bit. They made a movie about a little boy with leukemia, back in the 80s. His hair fell out during chemo, and grew back extremely curly (but that white boy afro was a thing in the 80s). He was very self-conscious about it.