Woodman's cancer... Good wishes and updates!


I completely understand about being tired all of the time. Before I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease, I thought that my exhaustion was due to the stress I was under at work. I still don’t have as much energy as I used to, but at least it got better after the disease was finally stabilized. I ended up getting a month of medical leave due to the constant tiredness.

Take good care of yourself!


Stupid statement of the day. “I just ate, I’m resting now.”

Took half an hour to eat lunch, read, walked 40 feet, took an elevator, walked another 30 feet, and I’m sitting here with a pulse of 100+ and out of breath.

God, I need to get a handle on this, today is bitchy sulky I don’t want to have fucking cancer day.


So, six chemotherapy treatments on a three week schedule. I get my port put in tomorrow.

Fun fun. And my boss is kind of freaking out.


Ask for a raise.


がんばって! Which translates to something like ‘do your best’ and intended as encouragement. Let us know the results when and as you kick the cancer’s butt!


Good luck! Maybe waving your hat will help? :wink:


This has truly enter the realm of suck. Didn’t sleep well last night, didn’t get started until 10ish, ad to change rooms because the radiators were stuck on in the first one. Second room had a giant spider in the overhead light. And as we moved into the third room my chest tightened up and I couldn’t breathe. I almost panicked and told the nurse I was about to start hyperventilating. They turned the drip off, gave me more benadryl and steroids and waited a half an hour. Now I’m back running again, but instead or three or four I’m looking at six or seven to g e t out of here.

It’s not horrible, it’s just blech. If i nod off i get super overheated and sweaty, I cant concentrate enough chug liberally read.

But I’m doing it and ill get better.


Oh got a muscle cramp around noon yesterday, it sucked total balls and I swear made an unpleasant situation miserable.

I had another reaction around 6, my breath was whistling and I got really itchy.so more droids and more beny.

I was first in, and last out yesterday. Got home, crawled under the covers,had a shivering g spawn for about half an hour and was dead to the world except for flipping my billowing this morning, like ten hours of sleep.

And now I feel great. Round two in about two hours.


One down, five to go (if I read the previous post right).

Stolen from the The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt… you can stand anything for 10 seconds.
Kimmy Schmidt Approach to Pain

Oh and you got this.


I feel like I would get ridiculed for posting something like that in my office.

Or it would be ignored completely.


Please keep updating us. My relative silence means I don’t know what the hell to say.


That could happen at my office, at which point ibwouldbflip my shit. The number they measure white blood cells is at .02, and normal is like 3.8 to 9.

Still haven’t started today’s treatment, did a bag of saline, and my premeds, waiting on the good shit. It’s my anniversary today, I’d love to go somewhere, but I don’t know.

On a related note, and maybe TMI, intercourse is contraindicated within 72 hours unless I’d like to provide cut chemo to my spouse.


Dang, that’s harsh. Stay the course. Like @Darktan said, you got this, it just doesn’t know it yet.


Cuddling is always a great option.


My silence is saying the same thing.


Mine as well.


Strange, mine is saying “more pizza”.


I forgot to take my anti nausea medicine last night… Woke up at 1 AM regretting that, but still early enough to make a difference apparently. I am feel so weak, like I should be shaking, but I’m not, so that’s sort of odd.

Anyway, trying a half day from home today then another smaller treatment this afternoon to encourage bone marrow white blood cell production so I get out of negative numbers, and more labs, another med to help with the material breaking down from my lymph nodes (Which are shrinking like shrinky dinks), and they’ll un access my port, so I can take my first shower since Monday.


Well, those treatments sound like progress. Still rooting for you over here.


I’ve lost about 40 pounds so far on this, about half in the last two weeks. Yesterday I weighed in 9 pounds heavier. It’s all fluid weight so they put me on the horse piss diuretic. I have to pee out like 6 pounds of weight before noon today or I have to go back in.

The port feels really odd sitting there under my skin, and I can follow the line to my jugular. Energy level good, endurance still a F-, and I’ll be driving my lovely bride to the airport in about 4 hours to go to France.