Woodman's cancer... Good wishes and updates!


Seconded, Sig. I have nothing to contribute but my good thoughts and hopes, which you have in spades, and another person to vent to if you need it, @Woodman.


What he said.


Low grade lymphoma. Pet scan and lymph biopsy tomorrow.

Unfortunately, low grade doesn’t mean I’m in the clear since I’m very symptomatic. But it’s not mantle or the other bad one, it’s one of the other 95 types. Treatment still varies from medication, to chemo, to radiation, but we have more time, not that anyone seems to be slowing down.


I’m sorry to hear that your still not feeling at all well, but I’m glad to hear that it isn’t one of the horrible options. Keep your spirits up, and keep us posted!


Well, sometimes “not the worst news” is good news. I hope it can be taken care of (relatively) easily.

Now go punch something.


I totally agree with CWX on this… I’m glad they finally have a firm diagnosis, and that it isn’t a worst case scenario.


Guess I need to go read up on oncology. Wouldn’t “low grade lymphoma” be like “a little pregnant?”

But from your phrasing it sounds at least a little positive.

Keep us looped in as you can… luck sent from here.


Well this is sucky news. You have my axe and so on and so forth. You know, the usual good luck and yell if you need help but with sincerity behind it. No matter what the treatment, it’s gonna be rough. I read about the Spoon Theory a couple years ago and I think it might come in handy in the future in trying to explain things to people.


Armpit biopsy is super effective.got plenty to work with, and Pet scan technologically is pretty awesome.


“Liked” only because you have now identified the enemy, and that’s a necessary prelude to the kicking-its-ass part of the battle.


That does not sound comfortable at all.


I now have a sore small egg sized lump under my left armpit. In other news, I am officially down 31 pounds since the end of July. I’ve been eating strawberry shakes, and burgers, and ice cream, and high protein granola bars, just not that hungry.

Had a mortar round hit a gully about 20 feet from the ammo dump I was “guarding”. I felt it, and some of the barbed wire got hit with debris. There were dudes who out ran the round out of the gully. It was quite exciting, but that’s what happens when you simulate an equipment failure, and then don’t double check the calcs with the simulated broken equipment.


I wanna lose 30 pounds but that’s not how anyone wants to do it.

Have your docs suggested any appetite stimulants?


Nothing yet, they don’t want to treat or add any more than they have to until I’m fully diagnosed. I’m supposed to be eating anything that I feel like eating. So about every other soda is non diet now, it’s usually too sweet for me still, but I need the calories even if they are garbage. I had three servings of dinner the other night, and then found out all three of us split one chicken breast and left half of it in the pan.

I had half a pizza last night, but I hadn’t eaten all day.

My eyes are literally picking smaller serving sizes. And if it’s something like a quarter pounder then I eat it, nibble on my fries and then complain about being full.

I think I should start a thread for this. instead of taking this one over.

Can I get a mod to move this thread? Woodmans cancer works for me.


/waves magic wand


I’m guessing medical marijuana isn’t a thing in Indiana. :smile:

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Closer than you think. There are a lot of socially liberal fiscally conservative people here. If it was viable there would be a large libertarian movement.


Keeping you in my prayers Woodman.

Having a good attitude with adversities like this is half the battle.

Looks like you got this thing beat already.



Grade 2 Follicular Lymphoma.

That and a google search and you know as much as I do. Stats look grim, but I have to keep remembering that most people who get it are in their sixties. 10 year median survival rate is pretty good if the average age of onset is 65.

It’s incurable at this point, but remission is achievable. Grade two is a bit worse than 1, but much better than three? Maybe?

Doctor appointment tomorrow, I’ll know treatment plan and everything then.


I’m already tired of being tired.

Someone at the office almost caused me to have a breakdown. I’ve been very clinical and controlled about this at the office, sent out a here is what’s wrong don’t talk to me unless I bring it up email, and I missed someone. She came hustling over and pooh poohing and almost crying and hugging, and feeling sorry for me and I almost fell into it. Then I got really mad after she left. So I’ll be putting a sign up at some point that says “Yes I have cancer, no I’d rather not talk about it, and you can make me really sick by touching me or my stuff”

Believe me, if you want to hear about my cancer, just egg me on a little when I start talking about it, I can talk about it for hours, as long as I’m controlling the conversation.