Woodman's cancer... Good wishes and updates!


Your body naturally maintains a pH between 7.2 and 7.6, so slightly alkaline anyway. If it gets much outside that range in either direction you’ll die if it doesn’t get treated quickly.


OTOH, I’ve been offered medicinal weed by at least two people now.

And I’m like, it’s not that kind of chemo, or cancer.


Come to California. We have the recreational kind. :slight_smile:


Marijuana and I don’t get along. I get so passive I stop breathing unless I think about it, or that’s how I feel at least. Not relaxing.



You CANNOT “alkalize” your body. It just is not possible! If you take in too much food/ drink/ IV in either direction (acid or base) YOU WILL DIE.


Some people have told me to “detox” and I’m like, yeah I don’t have kidney cancer I’m good.

There may be a small benefit to a “cleanse” but even then it’s shaky.

And no, no matter how much pot I smoke, I’ll still have cancer. Even if your doctor told you to smoke it, we have different cancers. Esophageal cancer and Follicular Lymphoma aren’t even close to similar.


Remember when colonics were all the rage?


Why not combine the two…

When I first heard the term I seriously thought it meant to get “high” and flush out!!! :wink:

Either way, good luck Woodman. I’ll keep you in my prayers.


Done with the series for six months.


Just liking that post isn’t enough. I have to say “WooHoo!!!” :tada:


Yep, have to agree. Hopefully this set of treatments will last for a while longer.


Well, I have three more sets scheduled. One every 6 months. I’ll be back in in February.

And hopefully it will push it back ten years or more, but I wasn’t supposed to have symptoms for another 10 years the first time.