Wild peeves (language)


I dunno, I can kind of see the use of it even inside a normal conversation, as the human equivalent of a mode-switch flag. You’re temporarily switching from “conversational” mode to “information transfer” mode and it can signal to the other party that they may need to be ready to provide said information.

Mind you, I don’t people well, so this is probably just me being odd again.


OMG, did you just use ‘people’ as a verb? That is awesome and I have to remember it. Even if unintentional.


No, that was intentional. I definitely don’t people well. (Which I alternately express as “I don’t human well”)


What about dog?


No dog. Don’t like dogs.

Cats and I tolerate each other, dogs spike my anxiety and put me in alert mode.


Aww, sorry. My dog is 8 pounds of fluffy love. And peepee. Little bastard will squirt anywhere if you don’t keep an eye on him. But other than that, he’s super.

Sorry to sidetrack, back to your regularly scheduled programming.