Why is [object] so stupid?

I’m starting this thread as a rant release thread for all the little things that aren’t worth being angry about by themselves, but when their shortcomings are added to another ongoing problem, you realise just how stupid that particular thing is.

I shall start us off with USB standard Micro B.

This standard does not need to exist. Why? Because of all the USB standard plugs, it is the only one you can break easily and with very little effort. Case in point: my PS4 Dualshock controller. It worked perfectly fine, until it needed charging. So I plugged in the cable and to my surprise, the cable fell right back out again. Why? Because the tongue had snapped.

When something is going to be constantly moved, pulled, strained, and generally abused as much as a gamepad cable (not that I abuse mine, but I’m far from your average player), why would you use a connection standard as stupid as USB Micro B? Why not use Mini-B, a standard so prolific you can buy cheap cables of a sensible length for a game pad so they won’t end up all pulled-on and strained like the stupid 18" thing Sony provides with the Dualshock. Heck, fit it with a Mini-AB socket so players could use either a Mini A or Mini B cable on it depending on what they had handy. That would be great. USB Micro B? That is stupid.

And I know I could go and buy a longer cable but therein lies one of the other problems of USB Micro B - it’s also used by select mobile phones - and virtually nothing else. So all the spare cables are aimed at that market, which means that they’re either 1) short and cheap, 2) short and expensive, or 3) long and stupidly expensive. Some of them are heading into Lightning Cable territory with their pricing.

So now I’m going to have to send in my Dualshock for replacement. Since it’s mechanical failure at least they’re going to replace it for free… but this is something they wouldn’t even have to do if they’d just used a sensible connector standard. I hope they send another Micro-B cable otherwise I’m going to have to go buy one of the aforementioned long and prohibitively expensive ones since the current one is full of receptacle tongue :rage:

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My camera has a charging/data cord that looks very much like a Micro. But it isn’t, which means I have tried to use a Micro several times without realizing it was a Micro cable.

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I’m also a non-fan of the overuse of Micro USB cables. They’re too fragile. The Mini connector is so much more durable, it isn’t even funny. I’ve seen device manufacturers make the argument that it saves so much space, but really, 3.95 vs 2.5 mm tall isn’t that big of a difference. To me, the long term durability is worth the trade off in design. It should not be that hard to engineer.

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I’ve had a few micro cables that I have had to throw away, because they become loose in the jack. And yes, Mini is much better (and I need to correct the comment above. It looks like a Mini cable).

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I have to replace micro cables for my phone charger in my car more often than I would like. Mini would definitely be more durable.

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And this is why I’m a massive fan of wireless charging for mobiles, and why I didn’t upgrade my Nexus 5 to a 5x…