Who uses Kodi?

I see that @moufassa is using it, even if he can’t spell XBMC properly (not XMBC, unless you’re selling illegal boxes with it pre-loaded and full of spammy software).

Is anyone else using Kodi to stream tv and movies?

Hey, it was a typo. :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t used it, but I’ve heard of it

Listen, anyone spelling Cody as Kodi can’t complain about spelling.

That’s right up there with La-a, pronounced Ladasha.


I don’t make the names, I just repeat them.


You can install it on your phone, for crying out loud. I could put it on my OUYA and finally get some use out of that stupid thing.

There are some companies that are loading it up on low-power mini boxes and selling them as an alternative to cable. If you have a computer hooked up to your tv, all you need is the program. You can download repository links that point to the shows you want to watch, and they are available the day after they air. Easy.

I’m trying to manage the shows we watch using TRAKT. It’s like IMDB in some respects. I plug that into Kodi, and it lets me know when the next episode is ready and produces a link to the shows I haven’t watched. If I have to turn it off in the middle, it remembers where I was and asks if I want to resume from that point. I’m really loving it. Well, it’s certainly a lot better than keeping an updated list of shows we’ve seen and manually tracking and torrenting the ones we haven’t.

In Canada, there is no hassle because I’m not redistributing the stream.



We all make mistakes.
It sounded like a good idea at the time.
I was just following orders.
I promise not to cum in your mouth.


That’s two threads today that made me go Ewww

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I stream from local network to my Raspberry Pi 2 running OSMC/Kodi. Going to try it with Pi3 one of these days but the current one is stable and the 2 year old can operate it, so I’m happy

Yeah, that one gets me too.

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I tried Kodi. The latest version isnt too bad but I use Plex for everything. I like the fact i can watch my friend’s library and I can sync my phone or laptop for media on the go. It also has clients for all the Roku boxes and game consoles.

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+1 for Plex.


Alright, fine. Searching for Plex.
Will it work on my OUYA?

So you’re the one person who bought one of those? :slight_smile:


RE: Plex - we used this for a while before a lot of the features were brought into AirPlay, since we’d essentially been using it to stream videos to the TV. Now we just stream direct from our phones or laptops. I think with the AppleTV, NowTV, AmazonSuperKindleAmazingFireTelevisionStickWithAStupidlyLongName becoming cheaper and more widespread, things like Kodi and Plex just aren’t going to be necessary, at least here in the UK.

I’ve got a Synology NAS and I’ve copied all my DVDs and Blue-Rays on to it.
But I couldn’t get the surround sound to work. I tried using Plex, I tried using the built-in video application (Video Station) and running it over air-play to my Apple TV, but nothing worked.
Until I tried Serviio - it basically worked out of the box. The interface isn’t pretty, but it’s functional and (more importantly) it plays all my movies properly. I figure that I’m only going to be using the interface very briefly and I can handle it having the occasional incorrect images.

The Plex interface was better, and the Video Station interface was even better than Plex, but pretty counts for nothing if I can’t figure out how to get it to work.

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[quote=“MikeP, post:16, topic:1146, full:true”]but pretty counts for nothing if I can’t figure out how to get it to work.

This. So much this. THIS. Form over function needs to be drilled out of every UI designer’s head ad infinitum.

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I admit I’ve had some audio issues with Plex. I set my friend up with it (we share libraries too) and she was seeing stuttering on certain files. It turned out to be the audio decoding. With the differences in TV and receiver or sound bar setups, it can get crazy. I can either send the audio output for my PC to my TV and then to my receiver or directly to the receiver. And for the surround part, I can have my PC do the heavy processing or have the receiver do it. That was her problem. It was set to do the audio decoding on the Plex side. I’ve just set it to pipe the raw data to whatever device and let it sort it out.

I am also getting frustrated with some of the metadata agents too. They keep a copy of TVDB so they don’t slam the site, but it’s not always updated. Some shows are constantly mis-identified unless I put the TVDB number in the title. I wish it handled extras better too. But these are little issues to me. I still love the fact I can watch any of my shows on any device.

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So, I’ve been using XBMC/Kodi since fairly early on… probably going on 8 years or so - at least as long as I’ve been married and a little longer.

Current setup is thus:

Showrss.info generates a custom RSS feed of the shows that I want to watch. Flexget is installed on the crappy little Ubuntu server that lives in a closet in my house, which checks for updates to the feed, then sends those over to my QNAP NAS which runs Transmission (with some plugins to block unwanted peers). Transmission is throttled during my home and awake hours (7-9, 1700-0100) so that I don’t perceive anything beating up my Internet connection while I’m using it. From there, using Belvedere, I have shows transfer onto the hard drives of my media computer, which runs Kodi on the TV in our den. Kodi does an automatic scan every hour or two to check for new shows and add them into the library… and thus everything works great. Very little maintenance to the system and it’s been running like this for three years with very little maintenance, other than to add new shows. I added Flexget and the NAS into the configuration over Christmas and I’ve been pretty pleased with the added flexibility. I’ve been thinking about moving all of my shows onto the NAS permanently to save a step because Flexget adds some interesting sorting features that could help me cut Belvedere out of the configuration.

Highly recommend this kind of setup if you don’t like streaming and want to keep things relatively simple from an end-user perspective.

I was wondering why none of my shows were showing up in the personalized menu. Well, it looks like trakt.tv has cut the functionality with the Exodus plugin for Kodi, which is by far the most used plugin to get television.

Now I’m trying to find a workaround.
Hmmmm. Maybe this.