Who is Where? aka Location, Location, Location

Nawth a Bahstun!!

Massachusetts a cahrse.

Does it need translating?


Nah, I used to live on the Cape. That place where all the tauhrists go evreh yeah.

It’s amazing how much a good Northeastern accent sound like a Carolina accent on speed.

Ya, vacations on the Cape! Wicked pissah!
Were you near Brewsta? or Yahmuth?

State is fine by me, whatever folks are comfortable sharing.
I’m originally from Maryland, btw!

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Hah, you’ve exceeded my speaking ability.

Otis Air Force Base. Between Sandwich and Mashpee.

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That’s upper Cape

I mainly stayed in Brewster or Yarmouth/Dennisport (Outer Cape)

Can’t go wrong anywhere on the Cape although the crowds get worse each year.

NE of Cincinnati, OH. 'bout two, two-and-a-half hr drive to either @MSUAlexis or @Woodman.

Used to be we could claim @GratchSabbat and @Darktan, 'till they moved to a major Money Pit in an Undisclosed Location.
I even got to meet them when they came downstate to our Ren Fest.


That was the awesome thing about being a kid on Otis. IT was built for 50k people and when my dad was stationed there there we only about 12k on post. So it was a leave the house at dawn, back by dark kind of place.

One of my fondest memories of vacationing on the Cape was that everything was in walking distance!
The beach, river for fishing, local clam shack/ice cream store… we could walk unaccompanied by nosy parents!
Of course the houses we used to rent for $500/wk are now $5000/wk!
Probably why I take the wife and kids to Maine for summer vacation!

Hell, the Air Force Base I lived in at Ft. Fishers is a AF resort now. The dunes where our trailer was are covered with 5 story rentals two deep.

When I was a wee little lad I would swim in the ocean, race my dog up and down the empty beaches and then jsut walk the 50 ft or so to the trailer and our outdoor shower. It was literally in the sand between dunes.

That lot must be 4 different lots now at God knows how much per square foot.

Canada. I think there are three or four of us. I’m in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario in particular… Waterloo’s got a booming tech scene, so it’s a decent place to work as a sysadmin. I grew up on the St. Clair River at the mouth of Lake Huron across from Port Huron, MI and it drives me crazy being landlocked… so we take a lot of trips to the lake on weekends.


Yeah, Gratch and I are out in Northern VA now. I’m a transplanted Buckeye. So is she by association.


Home is Scotland, but courtesy of work London feels like a second home :wink:

I just got that.


@Sunbeam and I are Seattle-ish also, though I prefer to think of us as pre-Texan.

I’m currently in an undisclosed location (Kuwait) as part of our most recent phase of the War on Abstract Evil.

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Is Deltasierra @Sunbeam, or an actual dude you work with?

:+1: Like!

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Dear Spouse right?


Ohhhh, gotcha, I see now. The DS/DH crap still throws me - my mistake ex-wife used to over-use those abbreviations, so I’ve probably developed a mental block where they don’t register so I’m not reminded of her.

LOL! Oops, @Sig! Deltasierra is me. :slight_smile:

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Oh look, is it brighter in here?