Who is Where? aka Location, Location, Location

In real life, I’m awful with names. I sometimes have to ask 2 or 3 times after being introduced.
In here, I have a hard time remembering who is where. For a few folks, I know they are in Seattle, San Fran, Indy, UK… but for others, it just hasn’t stuck with me.
I thought it might be nice to have a topic where we could post the general area where we live… but thought it might not be good to have in a wide open spot so passers-by could see it… but I don’t know if putting it in the Lounge would be too restrictive. Arg. Sooo, what is the consensus, what do y’all think? Is this a useless or undesired thread? If so, mod, feel free to delete it, no worries. If not, should it be in a restricted group, like Lounge, or is that too restrictive, since some old timers might not be active enough to hit the Regular trust level?

To kick it off…

I’m in the Houston, Texas area, north side.

Central Ohio here.

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San Diego, CA

You stay classy.


Wellington, New Zealand.

(I’m pretty sure I’m the only New Zealander - but I think there are a couple of Australians)

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San Francisco Bay Area.

It’s safe enough as long as we don’t get too specific…

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East-central Wisconsin in between Lake Winnebago and Lake Michigan.


Only 7 of us that aren’t in management around here can see this thread.

South Australia here.


Right, probably too restrictive. Moved it to an unlocked category

At your mom’s.


Ha, I guess I should have seen that coming anticipated that


Same here. :wink:

Hey if you’re going to chuck it down the middle of the plate like that don’t be surprised when someone swings at it. :slight_smile:

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That’s what she said.


Northumberland, UK.

Fun fact, we’re one of the oldest counties in England. We also predate England: Northumbria was a kingdom way back in the 600s, England wasn’t a thing until ~1000CE. Our county flag is a slightly adjusted version of the original Northumbrian flag, making it literally the oldest flag in Britain :smiley: … yes I’m proud of my former Kingdom. Our last king was called Eric Bloodaxe! :laughing:


Maryland resident and native.


Seattle’s close enough to where I am, so let’s go with that.

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I gave a state, so that seems reasonable. I’m aassuming you actually mean, “In a secret secured undersea base off the coast of Seattle” until proven otherwise, anyway.

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Just outside of Indianapolis.