When do you post here instead of CoG?

I just posted on CoG, then wondered if I should post it here too. I seem to post on CoG if the topic already exists there, and here if it’s a new one. Unless I’m aiming the question at CoGers in specific.

What about all of the other CoG immigrants?

I’m about the same. For some reason I don’t feel that I want to create a topic/thread here - maybe I’m just lazy :wink:

I post everywhere. I do tend to post it in CoG if there is a long running thread in there about something.

I’m trying to get people talking here, but it’s pretty quiet still.

The madness must end! :tongue:

I’m sure once there’s a reliable Vanilla to Discourse import tool, we’ll all be over here. At least that’s what @Lee_Ars said at CoG.

I’m kind of bouncing between the two. I’m so used to my site-check routine at work (CoG, then DailyWTF, then DroidLife, then Popehat, then Ars) that remembering to add this in the list sometimes doesn’t click, even with having a bookmark for it.

I’m getting used to the Discourse setup, and I haven’t gotten yelled at for having Chrome on my work machine yet, so I’ll eventually just switch over to using this in the long run. Just gotta get used to it, I suppose.

I like the interface here better. I post new things here.


I rarely post, and even then only replies so far, so it depends on which forum I’m reading at the time. I still tend to read CoG first, but have both in my Morning Coffee add-in for Firefox on my work desk computer. (I just realized that I probably have too many computers, like a lot. And that my comments are kind of train-of-thought… I hope that doesn’t drive anyone nuts!)

Also, I think this is my first post over here! I got a yellow popup info box.

Both forums, but the same-running threads seem to be the reason I post more at the Vanilla forum for now. That, and not everyone has migrated over here yet, so I tend to see more replies/ongoing threads over there. I’m all for the Discourse forum as I like the layout/style a heck of a lot more. I’m not scared to post a new thread. Really.

I don’t tend to post much, and when I do it’s mostly to the existing threads over at CoG. I did cross-post my triumphal return announcement in both places, though. :smile:

I post both places. At least I think I do.

I will get around to shutting down the other one at some point. The big thing right now is coming up with a way to archive & transport the posts, but if a method doesn’t become apparent in the near term, I’ll just flip the other site to read-only to push traffic here.

My goal, actually, is to get to the point where I’m not running PHP at all on the web server, and the CoG forums are the last externally-visible php application I’m using. So, it’s a pretty big deal to get it turned off soon.

Thanks for fixing the posting bug, @Lee_Ars. It would suck if everyone moved over here and couldn’t post anything. :smile:

It appears that we’re back in business. :slight_smile:

It would make moderation simpler.


That’s true.

A good point, but the conversation would get rather stale very quickly… :stuck_out_tongue:

I probably wouldn’t post any less, if I couldn’t post at all :smile:

I tend to post in threads that I find interesting, or have something (potentially) useful to say. So that means I am posting to both CoG and Discourse.

I’m probably going to skew more toward CoG than here until CoG goes dark. Partly for familiarity, partly because not all of the perpetual threads are over here yet.

So start your favourite perpetual thread over here. :wink: