What's Your New Shiny?

The marriage licence exam? :rofl:

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A Braava mop. Works with Bona hardwood cleaner now so I bought one. Plus there was a sale. :woman_shrugging:t3: I’m going to run it constantly until the pad comes up clean. We are on trip three. I want to vomit.

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Does said mop come from Braavos?

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Sadly, no. :grin:

He’s on his third trip. And you can’t even tell he’s mopped before. :sob::sob::sob:

We named him Davy Jones, after the sailor’s devil. In keeping with the theme of demons, having named the vacuum Succubus. :nerd_face:

I have a few new shinies acquired in the past month or so:

  • a new phone (Samsung Galaxy S22+)
  • a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 that came as a bonus with the new phone(!)
  • a Creatality Ender 3 3D printer (bought second-hand from a friend with lots of PLA filament and all tools)
  • …oh, and a job. :grin:


2x10" 350W bass combo amp. It’s an older model and has a few quirks–pronounced cavitation on a few frequencies, which we might be able to do something about–but it’s a substantial volume upgrade.

I did not need it. But I did want it.


It has been the season of music gear

[linkage for audio sample]

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Impulse buy. No idea what I’m going to photograph with it. :smiley:


Oooh a nifty-fifty! I bought the Canon version with my 50D back in 2010, and loved it. It punched well above its weight in terms of quality.


A couple of matched tubes arrived yesterday to replace the pair that were failing in my new tiny amp. It runs the sound coming out of my upstairs computer through the tv to the speakers.
The tubes are about half the size as the ones they’re replacing, but the sound is amazing; so much more full. I’m very happy.

More astro equipment.

ZWO ASI183MC colour astrophotography camera
ZWO EAF (Electronic automatic focuser)
Custom M54 to M42 convertor

Now to make everything play nicely together…


I had everything assembled earlier today to test the new gear. (Well, aside from taking images as it’s daylight…) I should have taken some photos of the rig, and also the surgery I had to do on the telescope focus module to make the EAF work. (Crayford focusers are all right until they aren’t, and I can’t justify lashing out on a rack-and-pinion one when this one works well enough.)

Cloud forecast for tonight is looking promising, so ‘FrankenRig’ might get it’s first light!


Fifteen years with the old ones, but I was tired of fixing them. Thank goodness for early holiday sales!


Mrs. Boomer and I got these to play with:

And I got one of these for me:


Army recently decided to cough up some of the money she owes me. Craigslist somehow found out about it and listed a bass I’d been hoping to buy in a few years.


I have an Ibanez bass, but that one is much nicer, and you can actually play yours. I keep getting it out and messing with mine but haven’t set myself a practice schedule so I never get better.

I have the musical ability of a potato, but that’s a nice looking bass.

Ibanez is an open secret in the bass community–they’re stupidly good quality for what you pay. I bought the one in the middle (SR300E) new in 2017, traded a Sig Sauer 9mm for the SRMS805 on the right a few months ago, and then acquired the new one this weekend. I REALLY need to stop now, at least until after we retire from Army and move.

And for a “hobby player,” I sure do seem to be soaking a lot into my hobby…

Electrical entrance upgraded from 100 to 200 amps.

New water heater and boiler for the rads.

Now we got them angry pixies just screamin’ out the walls and I can stop licking the butter off the knives! I mean, I won’t, but I can. I was told to do that because it was really difficult to clean butter off of things with cold water.

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