What's Your New Shiny?


It’s a D7000 so it’s a few years old now, but still takes some pretty good photos :slight_smile:

I looked at the Nikon 200-500 when I was deciding which lens to buy, but went with this one after reading multiple reviews. It’s a bit more expensive than the Nikon, but it apparently takes better photos at the longest zoom. The auto focus is lightning fast too (way faster than my other two lenses).


There’s a “post your photos here” thread in the literacy category here. You might have to ask for permission to view that category since it isn’t public. I would like to see your photos there, @MikeP.


I’m not a great photographer, but I really enjoy taking photos. Sometimes I manage to get a photo I really like, most of the time I just enjoy the practice :smile:

Here are a couple of my recent ones

The bird photos were taken with my new lens at 600mm zoom.


Those are amazing! There’s a couple I would totally put on my walls. And they are all so good!!


Thanks :slight_smile:

A couple of those we are going to put on the walls, though in a triptych with one other I didn’t put in there.


Very nice work there. :clap:


Very nice! :sunglasses:


I’m not a great photographer either, but I post my crap there. :slight_smile: You should come and join us, @MikeP.


Um, does someone who just takes random photos with her cell phone hoping for a good shot or two to put on her walls have the credentials to be in this group too? Asking for a friend. Bc I’d, I mean she’d, like to get opinions other than from her kids. :thinking:


Of course that qualifies!

/me waves magic wand :tada:


My very first brand spanking new car. 2019 murdered out black Jeep Grand Cherokee. 138 miles. Not using a K anymore. Huzzah!!


Awesome! :sunglasses:


Nice! Many happy travels!


Nice, congrats! What does “not using a K” mean? Were you driving an 80s Dodge K-car before? Because, if so, damn, yikes… that would be horrible.


I’m guessing it’s some kind of Michigan slang.


My printer experience tell me that she’s using all the K… CMYK = Cyan Magenta Yellow blacK.
Or maybe she strucK out with her last car?


My Durango (which I still have and will still use) has 203K miles on it. Never had one with mileage without a K before. :blush:


These kids today and their unknowable slang …


In that case neither have I. I bought my Mazda when it had about 8800 miles on it but that’s the lowest I’ve ever had. I’m closing in on 50,000 now. The most I’ve gotten out of any car is 275,000.


Both my Outbacks made it to nearly 190K. Salt and crappy NY roads ultimately doomed them both.