What's Your New Shiny?


It’s in Albany Indiana. And while I’ve seen people move houses, not this one so much.

The main drawback in my mind besides the ass end of Indiana location is the first floor bathroom and three bedrooms upstairs.

Though an addition wouldn’t be too hard to pull off.


Come to Buffalo for the low prices on housing, stay because you can’t find your car in the snowbank.


When I drove into Buffalo to meet with you, @dakboy and @FTPMonster on my East Coast Tour 2006 I hit the mother of all rainstorms. I was going about 20 mph and had the windshield wipers on full blast and could barely see five feet in front of me. I swear I saw Noah floating down I-290 with all the animals. Luckily it cleared up and we were able to hit up Niagara Falls a couple hours later.


Lake-effect rain is a thing.

Now picture that much rain turned into snow (which is much more voluminous than rain).


That’s why I visited in the summer.


Sounds like Niagara Falls had already hit you :slight_smile:


Also what made me happy. My parents got me probably one of the best presents ever. And I have three kids, and this still ranks higher. :grin: My very own piece of the hardwood that Michigan State played on for many years. Which is also the floor they won the National Championship on in 2000. And it’s all mine. With a Certificate of Authenticity and everything!! It will look amazing in my game room someday, by my autographed Gordie Howe jersey and the boys pieces of the OSU turf they played on at the 'Shoe. Yay!!


I purchased a C64 Mini, which is one of the newest retrograming consoles for various computers and gaming systems. Emulation software for the Commodore 64 has been around for a long time, and the C64DTV was released a few years ago as a self-contained emulator with built-in games housed in a joystick.

The C64 Mini uses that same kind of joystick and adds a C64 replica to house the main hardware, with USB ports so you can plug in a flash drive with disk images of the programs and games you want to run as well as a keyboard. So beyond the 64 games and BASIC that’s included, it’s expandable and very portable.


My 25-year-old $30 tripod just wasn’t as stable as I need it to be so I went ahead last week and bought an Oben carbon fiber tripod with a ball head to solve that issue. Photography is an expensive hobby.


That tripod looks cold.


I would really like to get a DSLR because I just can’t get the kind of photos I want from my cell phone, such as telephoto zoom and more stable images because you’re not trying to push on the screen to activate the camera. Or take a picture of something that’s rectangular without the image being curved or slanted. That was particularly bad on the point and shoot camera I bought years ago.

But I know it would take about $1000 to get a decent camera with a few lenses, tripod and a cable to activate the shutter without touching the camera body, and that’s money I can’t justify spending right now.


Good equipment isn’t cheap, but I do like the results I get. Here’s a result I got that morning…


Not as cold as I was.

Lens distortion even happens with expensive lenses, but a good image editing program can correct for that. The lens I used for the photo above does have a fair amount of barrel distortion at the wide end of the zoom range, but one click in Adobe Lightroom will take care of that


Mummy, she followed me home. Can we keep her? Please? Pretty please??


And lonely.


Check to see if your phone camera might have a verbal release like “CHEESE” or “SMILE” or “RECORD VIDEO”.


Or pick up something like this: https://www.amazon.com/CamKix-Wireless-Bluetooth-Shutter-Smartphones/dp/B00PJSIIES





Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Sports Lens


It’s a monster at almost 3kg (6.5 pounds) and longer than my forearm when fully extended, but it takes very nice photos. The image stabilisation does a fantastic job even when hand held at 600mm.


Very nice, @MikeP! What kind of body is that going on, if I may ask?

I’ve got the Nikon 200-500mm f/5.6 on my wish list.