What's Your New Shiny?


Aye, congrats from my side too!


Follow up on Google Fi:

  1. I was actually using the wrong name. It WAS Project Fi, NOW it’s all grown up and it’s Google Fi.


  1. I love - really, really love - more than a fresh-baked blueberry muffin love - my Fi voice messaging.
    A very short time after I get a voice message, I get a transcript for the message on my phone.
    Like a text message. The VM is still there if I want it, but the text version is so, SO much faster.
    Even it it isn’t perfect, it has always been good enough to know if I need to call back right away.

Love it.


We switched over from Verizon at the end of October and I couldn’t be happier. Especially with the enormous savings.


New Shiny incoming is probably going to be replacing my 2-bay older Synology with a 4 bay model. Maybe after the 1st of the year…


A Quebec phone provider (Videotron) has broadened their service to include the National Capital Region across the river (Ottawa, in Ontario) and introduced their own discount service. Rogers has Fido. Telus has Koodo. Bell has Virgin. Videotron has Fizz.

I had been with Fido for around 15 years, and they couldn’t meet the deal that Fizz was offering. I switched.

The very next day, Fido called me back to match the plan, plus more data, and as an extra incentive will send me a new Samsung Galaxy S8 with my 2 year plan.

It’s not a top of the line phone, but it’s newer than the Note4 I’m using now. SWMBO will get the ‘boyfriend upgrade’ and be able to retire my previous old phone: a Galaxy S3! I’m happy. She’s happy. I’m paying less.

Who wants to fight me? I’ll probably win.


My Raspberry Pi Zero W has been running Pi-Hole and unbound for a few weeks now and I’m greatly pleased. I’m adding a pHAT DAC so I can stream Spotify to that Pi, also, since just doing DNS and ad-blocking is not exactly taxing.

Other network enhancements include OpenWRT on my wi-fi router (which is now MUCH more functional; I was about to replace it out of frustration) and a few-year-old Seagate Personal Cloud 4TB drive that I finally bothered to reset and get on the network.


Took advantage of Black Friday to pick up an XBox One S for the family.

I…I’ve played about 6 hours of DOOM in the past 2 evenings.


Are you a Halo fan? If so, the Master Chief collection is fantastic.


I bought the Master Chief Collection and started playing, but since starting DOOM I haven’t been back to it.


I haven’t put it together yet, but I’m very excited: PedalshieldUNO, a programmable guitar effects pedal build on the ArduinoUNO.

Also, the new AdaBox is on its way.


A genuine substitute teaching license. I’m looking at putting in a couple days a week at the elementary school.


Got an actual new-ish gigabit switch for home use. Got the Unifi 8 port 60 watt switch as step 1 of upgrading the home network. I’ms till going back and forth on the next step:

  1. Upgrade Hackintosh with an AMD card so I can get it running Mojave.
  2. Upgrade Synology to 4-bay and a processor that can actually process.
  3. Upgrade house wireless.

#2 is the easiest and front-runner, but most expensive. It’s a benefit/cost analysis.

Still, I’d like to be playing with the new switch… But didn’t have a chance yesterday due to other things I needed to get done. And will be bringing down the house network for 15-20 minutes.


Make sure you go to war with Balakay and tell A-Aron he done messed up.

Alternately you can be like “Hi, my name is Mr. $Woodman and I’ll be your substitute today. For today’s lesson we are going to learn to play D&D.”


FTFY :yum: :rofl:


Six-figure equity in my house. :scream::scream: I knew it was appreciating quickly but damn!! About pooped my pants when I got the appraisal for the refi. Now I’m more motivated than ever to finish the updates! Would be nice to have a hefty down payment on the next house… Or maybe give one I could pay cash for.


You can get a house for less than 6 figures?!


You can in flyover country. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hell, you can in about 90% of the land mass of the country. It’s only up by the water that it gets crazy. Low six figures could get you nice ranch on three or four acres. My daughter’s place is on the market for 95k and it’s 9.5 wooded acres on a river three bedroom one bath two story built in like 1870 or so. But out in the middle of nowhere.


That sounds perfect. Can she move it to central Ohio please?


My hope is that I will pay more off in the next few years as well as get more appreciation, and so have another 25% or so added in. That would allow me to have a very small mortgage on the type of house I actually want… A fixer upper (needs updated, not needs brought into this century or needs to be rehabbed from disuse and abuse) on some land. Found a nice ranch with an unfinished basement on 4 acres in the schools and area I wanted - 10 min from work! - for $250k. Also a two-story on 5 acres in the same schools for $145k but that needed a septic and well along with updating. I’m not quite THAT adventurous. But there are jewels still available here. Just gotta find them.