What's Your New Shiny?


A new 16-80mm zoom lens for my camera. It’s faster and sharper than my old lens. It should be as it wasn’t cheap. I’m happy.


I can drive both manual and auto transmissions. But prefer manual as I feel more in control


I think he mostly referenced the song, and let fill int he gaps themselves. Were those lyrics actually in the books?


Nope. Only a mention of the song IIRC.

Although Nanny Ogg did not have any scruples, and managed to get in a few verses before Granny happened.

Pratchett fans filled in the rest of the song most probably.


I think there were about five lines of the hedgehog song in the books, along with a few lines of description.

The wizard song I seem to remember the chorus or something being in the books.

Terry Pratchett understood peasants and Nanny Ogg has to have been someone he knew. She is so real.


New phone - Nokia 7 Plus to replace a Sony Z5 that suddenly turned it’s toes up and died. (Without me taking a backup in ages, natch. :frowning: )

Likening it so far - good battery life, good screen, fast and responsive.


I went to a SQL Server conference on the other side of the country.

I brought home minor amounts of swag and…a 4 year old cat.


That seems like an odd thing for a conference to give away.


You have to tell that story now.


OK, so I stretched the truth a little. I didn’t get the cat at the conference.

Tuesday night, I was talking to someone at the “welcome celebration” who’s from my area and somehow I mentioned that the kids have been bugging us about when we’ll get another cat/cats/kitten(s) as both of ours are gone. It turned out that this person had a cat that needed a new home - she was dropped off as a “cat sitting” situation and her people never came back for her. The other cat in the house didn’t take kindly to her, so he was continually attacking her, to the point of drawing blood.

I got home Saturday morning, the family discussed, and Sunday afternoon we drove up and brought her home.


You don’t realize how faded a uniform is until you sew on new rank.


Get the hell out man! That’s awesome!

Now you’ll make everyone around you nervous and unsure what to call you or whether to salute or not. And your main function will be to walk around with a cup of coffee and poke into stuff.


WOC = Wizard Of Coffees? :smile:


Congrats, @sig!!
Like @Ook, I don’t know what it means, but from @Woodman’s response, I assume it makes you a pretty big deallio on base.


Warrant Officer Candidate, I believe. Or at least that’s what teh Google says. :slight_smile:


Actually, it means I’m borderline subhuman. This weekend I will be taking directions from OCS cadets, which is about as low as it gets.

But when I’m done, I will be a warrant officer, which is like a regular officer but they know stuff and are useful. They’re relatively rare (about 3% of the Army) and no one really knows what they’re supposed to be doing or who they work for. They’re basically very specialized officers; they can take command if necessary, but generally are there to act as advisers, technical experts, and teachers, and mentors in their field–which is all shit I’ve been doing for years anyway. Now I’m going to get paid for it.


Really great to see, Sig.

Hang tough until the “C” part goes away.


She’s torn up plenty, but she’ll fly true.

Got my very own shiny Hallmark ornament of the 03-K64-Firefly class vessel Serenity.


Stand around with a cup of coffee and make people feel nervous, like I said.


Congrats, @sig!