What's Your New Shiny?


I bought this kit. It is a 1-watt guitar amp. If the stars align, I will put it together today. Delivery was only a week from England.


They also have a series of Arduino- and RaspberryPi-based programmable guitar effects pedals. If I can put this together without mucking things up too badly, I may try one of those next.


It took me about three hours. I am not very experienced in soldering, but I got a good deal better today.

Of course, my home possesses not a single spare 9v battery so I have no idea whether it works or not. Poor planning, yo.


I always have extra 9Vs kicking around because I have 7 smoke/CO detectors (yay modern building codes) and no one sells 7-packs of batteries. I end up buying a pack of batteries every 6 months and have leftovers.


I’m glad I persisted, because I found a battery and while it lit up, it didn’t really do anything. This caused me to examine it more closely, and realize that I’d soldered the 8-pin IC mount to the board, but never actually inserted the IC. In fact, I had thrown it away. Fortunately, it was easily recovered.

It still didn’t work, but that was because I was plugging my headphones into the wrong port because I’m an idiot. Now it works great.


A sewing machine. Because I decided to make rather than buy my Halloween costume.

And a new carriage light for on the house, and a photo eye for the lamp post. Both to be installed tomorrow after work, concluding my lighting project.


Kudos on making your own things! It can be frustrating (see @sig above), but is ultimately rewarding if you keep at it.


So this happened…


So… This little old man wandered into my tech’s yard, and even though he is chipped and even though we called the number numerous times and left voicemail in English AND in Spanish, no one called to claim him. And since I already have one geriatric fluffy white dog with arthritis and urinary issues, what’s one more?? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Installed a shiny new 1 TB SSD in the laptop over the weekend because the old drive was trying to bite the dust. It really is one of the better upgrades you can do. It’s almost like having an entire new machine. The good thing is after working on this migration for 4+ months (and at least another 1.5 months to go) I can pretty much set up Windows 10 in my sleep.