What's Your New Shiny?


Game mechanics etc more or less the same for each?


Shipping is a problem with something like this.


Deadlands reminded me of The Adventures of Briscoe County Jr.


Well, they did get Bruce Campbell to write an intro for a book or two of it.


I never could get too into Deadlands, because I don’t like westerns. The supernatural bits made it a little more palatable, but the western parts threw me off.


It’s a bit silly, which can make it an acquired taste for many. Plus I have to admit it has not aged particularly well in some ways. I feel like there’s a lot more games I’d rather spend time and money on… I’m re-reading Call of Cthulhu material, and may pick up the new 7th edition in print as the fancy 2 book slipcover set when cash permits.


My MHI RPG (Savage Worlds D20) is coming with a conversion for 1880’s monster hunting. I’d like to run a couple one off adventures in a steam punk version if I can swing it.

Ogre, kickstarter version… wow. I still regret not buying that, what do they go for now?


LMAO! I googled ogre kickstarter ebay. First hit was @Rizak -


woof. That’s pricey…

Is this the same version?


Yeah, but that’s in Canadian dollars.


Yeah, I’m hoping to sell mine for more in line with the BGG prices.Shipping is the problem.


I sold my '74 Capri and bought, among other things, a new bass guitar.


Not entirely new but I switched from using my router as the dhcp server for my network to my raspberry pi, which was already running pihole. So now I can see which devices are making which dns requests. And wow are the LG TV and FireTV Stick chatty.


Just got a new projector. The old one just keeps telling me there’s a lamp error and idc enough to try and fix it. I tried, but I’m just not good at.it. Might be the fan. But it’s an older one so I bought a new one instead! Just in time for football!


I replaced my Harley’s headlamp and passing lamps with LED bulbs and it made a huge difference in nighttime road visibility.


Congrats, but it gives me a twinge of sadness. I’d love to find one that needs a bit of work but isn’t a rusted out piece of junk. My dad had a Capri when I was a wee child.


Want to do the same to my 'rolla…


It was actually a '73 (oops), and it had a happy ending: a nice (but insane) person near London paid my asking price, had a car carrier drive it to San Francisco, whence it was shipped to England. He runs (owns?) a British sports car-focused shop, so it’s already had some minor work done and has appeared in a few car shows. I see pictures on the Capri World Facebook group.

So basically, my car is living happily ever after and I didn’t have to pay for any of it.

Still, I do miss it sometimes.


Beautiful car. They made good-looking cars in those days.

Today’s cars are just clones or puffed-up things. Like the Mini.

edit : “no parking between signs” lol :smiley:


I got 40,000 miles out of it (at 27 mpg), had a lot of interesting conversations, and style points that just can’t be quantified. It’s just the wrong phase in my life to have a hobby car. It went somewhere it will be loved, and I don’t have to worry about it slowly depreciating/decaying in my garage.