What's Your New Shiny?


I’m trying to figure out if this is a comment about the reliability of the VW Sharan.


The one we have purchased have some issues with the central locking. $wife said she doesn’t care, we can try to fix it. At least the radio/CD player is a decent make and all the speakers work.

Plus it was within our budget, and we really needed a larger car for the family. 4 kids plus two adults.


Not sure how shiny, but all this talk of cars makes me want to post my new bumper. Some lady short stopped in front of me about 2 weeks ago and I read-ended her. Not a lot really. Barely any damage on her side and I dove to the right to try and miss her so most of the damage was on my left bumper (as you are sitting in it). My valance (that’s the part under the bumper) is original and has taken a beating over the years so I decided to order a new bumper, bumper mounts and valance. They showed up yesterday. I’d like to work on the truck this weekend but the weather probably won’t cooperate so I’ll be under the truck next week wrenching my little heart out.


Not our actual car, but it’s the same colour.

We are actually buying an ex-demo car rather than off the shop floor, but it’s essentially a brand new car for $2k off. This is the first time we’ve ever bought a brand new car and it’s a combination of really exciting and scary. We take delivery of it next month because they are still using it for demos at the moment, but that’s not an issue for us.
It has all the features (yeah, okay, gadgets) I wanted, plus it’s a hybrid so my wife feels a bit better about the emissions. We both actually wanted a pure electric car, but neither the electric cars nor the infrastructure are quite there yet to support that. We test drove a Prius which had most (well, some) of the features I wanted but it was definitely a car that you would own because you think you should, not because you wanted to. It was horrible to drive and a complete slug - which is a complete contrast to the Corolla.


Not much to say about the car, but what the hell is that backdrop!?


Yeah, it’s a bit of an odd backdrop for an advertising photo.
More details of the car are here


Perhaps it’s the photographer’s way of saying he hates the car and feels it to be a product ejected from the fetid loins of Cthulhu?


Just an aside, and not to derail this thread - but what is the costs of replacing the entire battery pack in one go? And must you do it at designated service points?

I still feel that this is one area of electric cars that producers are glossing over because it is set to be a nice income for them once world+dog go totally electric car.


Yeah, we had thought of that before buying it.
The batteries are guaranteed for 8 years. There are tales of some of the older batteries lasting 300,000km, but I’m taking that with a pinch of salt. I’m banking on about 10 years as Toyota wouldn’t want to be paying out too many warranty claims so I think they’ll build in a little leeway.
A replacement pack will cost around NZ$4000 and it’s going to save us around $500 a year in gas - so the economics are slightly in favour of the hybrid, but there’s not much in it. When you add in the reduced emissions and subtract the environmental cost of making batteries I think that also works out slightly in favour of the hybrid, but again not much in it. If we get more than 10 years then both the economics and the environmental costs start swinging a lot more in our favour, and if we recycle the old batteries then the environmental cost swings even further.

It’s probably as much of a placebo as anything else, but we feel as if we are doing something to help.


My wife has a 2003 Prius, and we got rid of it in 2017. No battery pack problems at that point, but we knew it was coming.

By the time she called it quits, the car had developed a small set of irritating “old car” flaws: driver’s door wouldn’t lock/ unlock with the rest of the doors. Driver’s window was making a suspiciously bad growling noise when you operated the electric window winder. Stuff like that.

The only major issue we had was the gas tank shrank.

No really… the fuel tank had a liner that was supposed to expand and contract to help limit gasoline oxidation, or fumes escaping, or something. Over the course of years it stopped expanding as much as it was supposed to, so the tank held a little less, and a little less, and … you get the idea. They had to drop the whole tank and replace it… recalled by 'Yota, thank Odin.


Rather than a full replacement, look for a place that will recondition/remanufacture the battery pack. There are a few outfits in the US (example) which will tear the pack down, find the dead/dying cells, replace them and put everything back together. Costs a lot less than a full battery replacement (environmentally and financially).


14 years is a pretty good run from a battery pack.

Yeah, I believe that Toyota themselves actually provide this service. You give them your battery pack, they give you a new or refurbished battery pack back at a reduced price. It’s a long way down the track before we will be looking at this, but I would definitely shop around before spending any money :smile:


My aunt had a Prius. I don’t know if it was first generation or second, but the battery pack did not have the extra long warranty. Six and a half years later, they were very glad they bought the Toyota branded extended warranty when they got the car. The big battery pack needed to be replaced. For the battery pack alone, just the part, they were quoted a bit over what the used car value was. Apparently, the service advisor got all sad when they said, “Great, fix it, that’s covered under the extended warranty.”


I want to make some glasses/vases/vessels out of some old and new bottles, so I spent way too much time doing research on the best ways to accomplish every aspect of it. I’ve been saving bottles for a while from vending at whisky/bourbon shows and other events. I’ve tried making lamps out of them, but it isn’t a real big seller. Glasses from beer bottles, etc. seems like a product that would move faster.


I found a cool little thing that you can jam a cut bottle into on the end of your drill for more efficient sanding and took a look at getting one.

Tell me what problem (if any) you see here.

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Oh, I was able to order it from the US site. With tax and shipping it was still less than half the Canadian price.


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