What's Your New Shiny?


I’m trying to figure out if this is a comment about the reliability of the VW Sharan.


The one we have purchased have some issues with the central locking. $wife said she doesn’t care, we can try to fix it. At least the radio/CD player is a decent make and all the speakers work.

Plus it was within our budget, and we really needed a larger car for the family. 4 kids plus two adults.


Not sure how shiny, but all this talk of cars makes me want to post my new bumper. Some lady short stopped in front of me about 2 weeks ago and I read-ended her. Not a lot really. Barely any damage on her side and I dove to the right to try and miss her so most of the damage was on my left bumper (as you are sitting in it). My valance (that’s the part under the bumper) is original and has taken a beating over the years so I decided to order a new bumper, bumper mounts and valance. They showed up yesterday. I’d like to work on the truck this weekend but the weather probably won’t cooperate so I’ll be under the truck next week wrenching my little heart out.