What's Your New Shiny?


Ooh, nice. I want one so bad, but can in no way justify it, and I really don’t have a good place for it, so it is only on the wish list for now.


Speaking of my new extruder, it showed up last night. I got a brand new drop in extruder for my Da Vinci Pro (E3D hot end). I should now be able to start getting consistent prints. I could’ve printed the drop in part and just bought the parts and assembled it at home, but my printer hasn’t been consistent lately hence the need for a new extruder. That and this is the guy who designed it so I thought I’d toss some $$$ his way as saying thanks. Plus he stress tests all the parts before shipping. So this weekend will be installing it and also putting together the half rack Gratch got me for Xmas. Yes, that’s our level of geek. We give each other networking equipment as presents.


On my annual trip to Cleveland this weekend, I stopped at Micro Center and picked up a new work keyboard for myself.


Only been a few hours so far, so I’m still getting adjusted. Feels way better than the squishy, cheap Dell & Logitech keyboards I had previously (work-issued). Yeah, it cost a couple bucks, but given that it’s my primary interface with my work for 8 hours a day, it’s worth it.

Edit: Now that I’m reading the full spec sheet (I admit, I bought this one because of the switches and lack of garish rainbow LEDs), holy crap. My keyboard has more RAM and CPU power than the first computer my family owned.


I wish they made keyboards like that in the ergonomic form factor.


I’ve been seriously considering building my own keyboard for some time; something like the builder documents in this article.

Though I am also fairly keen on getting an ErgoDox EZ.. It is pricey, but it may be to your liking @Nabiki.


Oooh. I like. Can’t afford, but I like. :slight_smile:


Huge list.

  • New carpet. The old carpet was about 30 years old, threadbare, and the underlay was completely shot. The new carpet actually looks clean after it’s vacuumed and it is soft and spongy.
  • Double glazing. We are retro-fitting double glazing on our bedroom and office windows. Some of those rooms get pretty cold in winter and hopefully this will help.
  • New lounge suite. The old lounge suite isn’t as old as the carpet - only about 17 years old, but it’s falling apart. The new lounge suite is leather and arrives in 2 months (it has to be custom made). It looks something like this, but a darker brown:

    Unfortunately our cash on hand has run out (paid cash for the carpet and the double glazing) so we are having to put this on 60 months interest free but with the intention of paying it off way before then. (See “things you wish you could say” for the finance saga)


I used some birthday money and the remainder of a rebate card to pick up a set of AirPods for myself this weekend. I’ve had a crappy Motorola BT headset for 5-6 years but I’m getting tired of it for a number of reasons, comfort and volume being the 2 big ones.

The AirPods are f’n magic. I mean, I know they’re “just BT headphones” but losing the cord, having the option of being mono or stereo, automatically pausing playback when I remove one from my ear, it’s nuts.

Also, at the insistence of dakwife, we’re now the owners of a Concept2 Erg. I used one years ago at my old gym and enjoyed it as much as one can, and we’ve both had trouble getting motivated this winter (my running took a nosedive last year and winter running sucks). I’d been thinking about getting one for a while but needed motivation and space to put it (she rearranged our bedroom to make it fit decently). The on-board computer syncs w/ our phones to record the workouts including putting the data into Apple Health (I have mine syncing to the website as well) but to record HR data and proper calorie counts I have to start an Open Row activity on my watch so it looks like I’m doubling up on workouts.


We have several of those at my gym. They’re a notch up from the older ones they replaced.

If I had to add an option it would be a gel seat. Holy crap! does my butt get sore.


I paid $3.50 for an extra seat pad. It’s 1/8" of closed-cell foam (haven’t used it yet). l was hoping for more. My left leg goes numb from the hip all the way to the toes starting around minute 23


That seems bad.


My wife’s feet go numb after a certain amount of rowing machine or bicyling.

Kind of puts a damper on long bike rides.

I’d love to buy a two-seat, recumbent tandem(~$2700)
We’d need a customer carrier, though, which adds even more $$.

BUT… if we had one she’d be seated on a web seat, pads and cushions possible, and if she needed to pull a leg up and stretch I could continue to pedal and generate a breeze.


Test driving latest releases of The Pawn and Guild of Thieves from Magnetic Scrolls.

Found a missing DLL library :smile:


That’s what she said.

Next I will be trying to bring back WAZZZAAAAAAAAP! Stay tuned.


Dilly dilly!


New shiny get: 10Gb Ethernet!

The rack is just a little 2-post from Amazon. Top to bottom in it is a Ubiquiti USG PRO-4 (router), a 48-port US-48-500W, and the latest addition at bottom is a US-16-XG 10Gb aggregation switch.

The 48-port switch has two SFP+ ports, which I’ve got bonded into a 20Gb LAG going into the XG via direct attach cable. For 10Gb clients, I’ve got my NAS and my virtualization server both running bonded 20Gb LAGs, also via DACs. The lone actual-for-real fiber connection is going to my gaming PC, which has a converged NIC and which I’m going to use for running some benchmarks in the next few days.

This is kind of a cautionary tale. I started out just wanting to put the NAS on 10Gb Ethernet, because it has to support a bunch of clients—mainly five full-time streaming security cams writing their recordings plus six computers plus one server dumping backups to it all day long. That led me to replacing my smaller unifi switches with the 48-port one, because it’s the only thing with 10GbE. But it had TWO SFP+ ports, so I wanted to connect my virtualization server, too—but what about the gaming PC?

…and now I’ve got waaaaaaaay too much hardware. But it’s fun as hell to play with!

(Here’s a network diagram showing everything laid out nice and neat. Yes, I have too many APs and I am in the process of fixing that :smiley: )





Selling our Fiat Palio weekender for R30k (hopefully) as we’ve had too many mechanical issues with it.

Found a VW Sharan 1.8T for R42000, liked it, paid a deposit of R2000.

If all goes well, we will soon be rid of the clunker of a Fiat and getting a bigger family car.

Will post phodies if all goes well!


I decided it was time to get more serious about getting fit and losing some weight (I’ve put on too much over the last few years - now I know where “middle age spread” comes from) so I broke down today and bought a Fitbit. Got a nice little lavender Flex 2.
So, we’ll see how this goes…


Congrats! We’ll have to get you in our competition group in the Fitbit app.