What's Your New Shiny?


I just got my 2 new Utilikilts in the mail. They are pretty shiny.

I can’t believe how different they are from the ones I bought over 15 years ago. They are somewhat expandable with velcro straps on he back (kind of like the old Sans-A-Belt slacks if anyone remembers those). There is also a lacing system underneath of that with thin bungee cord for flexibility.

The front placket has toggles and loops to keep it tightly closed if you prefer. I do not. Perhaps it is to prevent accidental exposures. I’ve been wearing these things for a long time, and I can tell you right now that all of my exposures have been intentional.

I’m already getting people asking to buy my old ones. I’ve been wearing them every damn day since about the turn of the century (love saying that) and they’re still in pretty awesome condition. These new ones should last me a while. They fit better, and are better constructed. They’re almost double what I had paid for them originally, though. US$200 each. Still, worth it.


Don’t go for Pirelli, I have them on my car and man this set is barely two years old and already I’m seeing the yellow stripe.


My '03 Outback chewed up a set of Falkens in 25,000 miles.


I’m amazed I got almost 80,000 out of a set on the Mini. Probably less, as I think they were replaced before I bought it.


I got a capacitive charging coil (transmitter) from Adafruit so I can test putting them into a new project. Of course, my phone doesn’t charge this way so I had to get a receiver as well. I’ve tested it with Apple and a couple of other phones in the office that DO subscribe to the new Qi standard.

This should be fun.


My '04 Sentra did the same. I’ve had good luck with Yokohama.


Same here with Yokos.


Looking to get back into photography, a hobby I dropped back in the age of 35mm film, my father gave me his 14-year-old Nikon D100 with a 24-85mm lens to play around with for now. I immediately went ahead and ordered a 55-200mm lens to go with it (pictured here). I’m now eyeballing a new Nikon D7500 body to replace the ancient body I have now, but convincing my better half is going to be a tough sell on my part.


You could always go for the 7100 or 7200. You probably won’t get a new-in-the-box 7100, but there should be plenty of 7200s kicking around at a discounted price now the 7500 is out.

(I have the 7100 and it’s a very capable piece of kit.)


I know I could go for the 7200, but the 7500 has the sensor straight out of the D500 that I really desire.


I got an ASUS Tinker Board. It’s like a Raspberry Pi3 on steroids. Exact same form factor so I can put it into any Pi3 case.

This is going to be my new Kodi machine.

[Edit: added link. -sig]


I’m up to a Beaglebone Black, two RPi3s, and a Pine64. The latter is theoretically the most powerful, but the support community and infrastructure is so much greater for the RPis. I’m always interested in keeping an eye on the new devices, though…


I won a dji Spark Fly More package.

Just in time for the weather to get unfriendly for flying.


Congrats! :sunglasses:


Went to Sprint for new phone for wife. Saw the new Essential Ph-1, was at half price, cool let’s do that. Then we find out it’s been slashed down from half to $5 a month, so we got two.

Had it a day, and I’m pretty happy. it’s heavier, but it’s a solid heavy, not a clunky heavy. Quick as hell, I had planned on keeping my A9 forever, but this was cheaper. I get a $5 credit per line for auto pay, so it’s basically free.

USB C, so now I have multi cable disease.


Read that as “Went to Sprint for a new wife.”

Need to stop skipping words.


And it will never stop or end…


Christmas came early for me today. Yay!

Nikon D500 with a free vertical grip.


3d printer.

Of course, what I actually got was a box full of parts. And I’m not allowed to assemble it until Xmas :frowning:


Nice. My next one will be a ‘DIY’ kit. My new extruder should be in the mail and coming to me soon.