What's Your New Shiny?


Love the cover, is it watertight at the tool box?


Nicely done. Love me an old school CB radio.


We’ve started the living room upgrade. Since we did some painting and moved the thermostat, I was finally able to mount a TV to the wall. Because of stud spacing and pipes I was dealing with a 28" space so I had to install a 1/2" base board for the mount to attach to. Target had a sale on 65" TV’s so we snagged one. The new receiver and speakers come in tomorrow. I still have to work out mounting the back speakers to the ceiling but I can’t do anything till they show up. After this, I need to upgrade the media box itself. It needs a new case, upgraded/more hard drives and it’s getting a GTX 1070 graphic card for possible VR in the living room. I’ll probably upgrade the power supply too just as a precaution. Gratch ran into issues with the 1070 and a PS without dedicated rails.


Thanks! No, not watertight, but the bed has drains around the perimeter - is that a new thing or unique to the new Fords? My '92 truck sure didn’t have any kind of drainage in the bed, it completely held water. But I digress. I thought about making it sit over the rails and weatherstripping it to the tool box, but decided to go low profile instead. Because the bed has drains, and raised ribs, anything inside should stay mostly dry. I went through a car wash a couple times, just to test, plus it poured rain on Saturday. Water can come in around the cover, but it isn’t bad. My main concerns were being able to throw luggage back there on our trip and not worry if we go through rain or about it getting stolen. For that, mission accomplished. It locks down under the bed rails pretty securely. My dad gave me an extra tarp recently, so I’ll throw that over the luggage, just for an extra layer of protection.

Thanks, too! Although there is less chatter than there used to be, it is still a good source of info on the open road.


New truck, new camper. No filter I swear, it was early morning and I was getting ready to make breakfast and I snapped this one.


Asus Chromebook C302CA.

Well, actually, it’s the wife’s new shiny, to replace a very old Lenovo S10-2 laptop, that she’s pretty much had to give up on. Given that she’s barely set it down since she got it 12 hours ago, I’m getting the hint that she’s liking it :wink:


Couple of weeks ago I won a gift voucher on one of the forums I frequent (and moderate on - moderators are allowed to take part in competitions etc).

As my S3 mini was giving serious issues, I decided to treat myself to a new phone.

In the end I whittled the list down to three candidates, Xiaomi, Huawei and Wileyfox.

The Xiaomi (Redmi A4) won out because of its 32Gb storage and 2Gb RAM. Super chuffed with it, and I have ordered a protective case with a magnet (dashboard mounting) to go with it, which will arrive in 2 weeks’ time.

The A4 performs quite well, with battery life of two days and SOT of 3 hours.


Got a nice little S4 Mini for free.

Flushed its stock Android, installed LineageOS (Cyanogenmod reborn) and it is as good as new again (except for its battery).


Man, these were some expensive tires. I can’t believe how much the price has gone up in the last twenty-five years. And there’s a lot of metal, plastic, glass and electronics attached to them that I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with.


I hear ya… I’m fixin’ to need to buy tires for the truck. Looks like they’re going to cost $200 each, plus mount/balance fees, taxes, etc. Ouch. I’m glad my trim package didn’t include 20" or 21" rims.


Maybe my hint in the last message was too subtle. Here’s another one: each tire cost over $8000 apiece.


New car?..


Oh, new car. I see. I was probably reading the forum while half-asleep again.


Doh! Gotcha. I was stuck in new tire mode and didn’t catch your drift. Congrats!


To be fair though, that was probably the most obscure way to say “new car” that I’ve ever seen :laughing:


I don’t have details, but I spent about $300 on Crutchfield and bought a new head unit and replaced all 4 of the speakers in Truckie. Took about 4 hours this afternoon to install but I have BT, audio input, a dedicated mic for BT calls and all the usual trimmings. I just love that I took out 10 year old 25w speakers and replaced them with 60w and 180w speakers. The difference is impressed.


Re: my first message about the car

If anyone knows of a brand of tires that lasts 25 years without them being in storage and they’re actually being used, let me know and I’ll make sure to buy those next time.


Well, based off of the flaw in WPA2, I think it’s going to be new WiFi. There’s not a hope in heck my router will get a firmware upgrade :frowning:


Well router firmware upgrades just got added to my list of things to check when i get home.


Netgear emailed me a couple weeks ago about a firmware upgrade. Turns out I didn’t have one. Latest firmware release was a long time ago.

Maybe a new one will come out.