What's Your New Shiny?


That sounds like a shitload of bees. But I have to wonder if you get any bonus bees because they were flying and didn’t get weighed.

I was going to insert a smartass remark about keeping wasps but only up in the eaves, but I couldn’t think of a way to make it more humorous. :frowning2:


It’s usually like 4 pounds worth, because yes, but also there really isn’t much room to fly. They mostly crawl around and eat. Quite a few of them can’t even fly yet.


Saturday the bank and I bought a 2017 Dodge RAM 1500 Laramie. First new car I’ve ever had.

It is by far the nicest vehicle I have ever owned, and close to the nicest vehicle I’ve ever been in. Leather, heated and cooled seats, crew cab, 4x4, auto and power just about everything. I can start the engine with my phone… of limited utility, but cool.

Next step is a camper.


Nice! I’m saving up for a new car at the end of the year. Unfortunately, it looks like what I’ve saved so far is going to go to vet bills for the cat…


I got a case for my Raspberry Pi to make it look like an NES…


2018 Passport 2520rl camper.

Whew. Looks like the Steam sale will be the last splurge for me for a bit. a cruise this fall, a new camper, a trip to Scotland next year, and Hawaii the year after.

There are things coming up that may make all that a piece of cake, but as of now it’s all careful budgeting.


Congratulations on adulting!
Adulting is hard.


I snagged a Dremel US40 Ultra Saw at the DIY store the this weekend. It’s a small circular saw that is great for short cuts that the big circular saw is over kill. I was using it to rip floor boards this weekend (No decent table saw yet and the boards are too long for the miter saw). It’s very light and agile. I haven’t checked out the grinding functionality yet but that will be in the coming weekends.


I got my table saw at an auction. But pawn shops usually have good deals on seldom used tools. But I also use a Kreg ripping guide on my circular saw to rip with.

I’ve seen those little hand saws though, and I’d love to get one of those to do just that one cut or recut after I’ve put everything up.


My table saw is a hand me down. No stand and the motor is held in by screwdriver. Frankly, I’m afraid to turn it on. I’ve been keeping an eye out for a new one but I have yet to have a project that I can’t use something else. And yeah, so much easier to pull that little guy out than setting everything else up.


Yeah, nope to that. Mine is a fold up model, and there are some cracked plastic pieces here and there that make it fun to unfold, but in general it’s cool, but no blade guard of any kind.

It’s still pretty far down on the list of stuff I need to buy/replace. I just got a new 12 inch drawing miter saw, so I’m happy.


Paid the first insurance payment on the trailer today. Pick it up tomorrow afternoon. Willing the weather to cooperate for a trip that we should be rethinking, taking an empty camper an hour away to camp for the weekend.

Funny thing is, insurance on a 3 year old vehicle, a new vehicle, and a camper is still less than insurance on a 13 year old vehicle and a 2 year old vehicle with a 20 year old driving.


Courtesy of the Amazon Prime sale, a LaMetric “clock”:
Our living room has needed a clock for a while, and I’ve also been looking for a way of displaying key notifications from Home Assistant. I had been debating some coloured LEDs, but now (well, when the next release of HA drops) I’ll have a solution to both.


Hmmm… this has ‘possibilities’…


I found that IFTTT appears to be a resource hog, so this might be the future for me.


Stupid question, but what time zone does it use for the ‘American Flag’ display? The country covers several…


My very first brand new car. This isn’t my actual car, but it’s the same make, model, and color.


The flag is just an icon, you can set any icon (or none) you like regardless of where you are in the world.


We got a car, too! Forgot to post about it after the fact, but we’ve been settling into normal family life again. :slight_smile:

2013 Toyota Sienna, only about 44K miles on the odometer. Just in time for a road trip! (I even got the last rays of the evening sun glinting off the hood.)


Over the past month or so, I have spent a lot of evenings working on making a custom bed cover. I added a tool box a while back, and AFAIK, they don’t make half tonneau covers, and I probably couldn’t justify spending the money if they did, so I designed and built it myself. The frame and top are separate pieces, so it is easily removable, but latched in so that it is secure when the tailgate is shut and locked.

Empty bed

add frame

and add the top

I think it looks pretty slick. Also, added a CB antenna and radio… love the antenna

I would love to have a remote radio, where the guts hide in the dash and all the controls are in the mic/handset, but I already had two perfectly good radios, so again, can’t justify spending more on something I don’t need. But I also was not real thrilled about drilling into my dash, so I made a custom mount for my full size Bearcat. The power and antenna cable snake around from the dash, but can be tucked in when the radio is removed…

the wires on the right side are USB cables going from a 5 port charger (hidden in a cubby hole) to all the seating positions, 2 amps each :smiley: