What's Your New Shiny?


At church last Sunday, I was talking to one of the old guys who mentioned Treager. He seemed to think they were pretty good, just maybe a little pricey.


There was a period of about 5 years or so where they were cheap Chinese crap. Or half of them were, or quality testing was on a smoke break or something.

Mine is awesome. Made an entire Thanksgiving dinner on one last year, in one batch. Made the pie in the oven because I was tired of cooking on it and I don’t know about smokey pumpkin pie.


Sounds like heaven to me.


Since then I’ve done apple pie, and yes I’d do pumpkin now.


In the truck yesterday afternoon, I snapped this picture for @Woodman


I thought I’d posted here about my computer, after bidding a reluctant farewell to the ranks of Mac users and joining the Windows crowd again. But I’d mentioned it in a different topic.

I hadn’t realized just how slow my 2009 MacBook is compared to the Asus Zenbook, until I tried to transfer a few files from the MacBook into Dropbox. OY. :cold_sweat: But it’s getting to the point where I’m not sure this MacBook is going to be living much longer. The body is crumbling and the battery (the third one) was swollen a month after I stopped using it (so now it’s tethered to the charger, and I’m afraid it’s going to die to a random static electric spark and take all my files with it).

Anyway, this is still shiny, even though I’ve had it since October:


I bought a Phillips base kit on Meh for $30 a few days ago.

I thought it would be nifty…

I didn’t realize it was a gateway drug. I just bought two white ambiance bulbs, three white bulbs on special at woot, and an Amazon tab thingie. I just missed a flash deal on the led strips, thank god. At 50% off I might have gone over the deep end.

I find this technology very satisfying. And my wife thinks it’s the bee’s knees.


I got my Purple bed last night.

Without the box springs and deep mattress it feels like I’m on the floor now, so building a platform bed is now on the menu for the weekend.

First night’s sleep went really well. I’m a bit sore in a couple areas, but it sleeps totally different from my last bed. I don’t sink four or five inches into it, and I don’t have to roll over in it like a sea lion moving on land.


Let us know how it feels in a couple of weeks. It sounds interesting.


Ooh. I just got my Purple pillow from the Kickstarter a couple weeks ago and I’ve been pretty content with it, so I’ve been tempted to order the full mattress (since the one I currently use is probably going on 20+ years old at this point…)


I’ve been watching them to get a pillow when they go full production. We tried one of the seat cushions to do a POC, and I’m convinced.

The smell though… wow. We had to leave the cushion in the garage for a few days to let it outgas. I can’t see how I’d do a mattress.


Yeah, the pillow smelled a bit funky when I took it out of its case thing for a couple days. Thankfully, the case bit it comes in plus the pillowcase they tossed in with the kickstarter rewards seemed to be enough to muffle that for sleeping purposes for the most part. I imagine I’d need to crack the windows and close the bedroom door for at least most of a day to let a full mattress air out, then Febreze the hell out of the room afterwards just to be sure.


Very little if any smell, we unrolled it at around 10 and were sleeping on it at 11.


A rokusun-nobi and all the gear to go with it.


Gesundheit. Might want to wipe down your screen.


A GPD-Win because I wasn’t already wasting enough of my time…


Is that a phone, or just kind of a portable Windows gaming machine?


The latter. It has got a full version of Windows 10 Home on it.

I’ve been playing with a bunch of emulators on it, fiddling with PSX games to start. I did load Skyrim and Diablo 3 though with respectable results. It is not a powerhouse by any means but it is a fun toy that I can cart around to occupy some time.


Three pounds of bees and a new queen.

As told to a friend of mine over IM at work.

so, it comes in this plastic box, with a can of sugar water and a smaller box inside it with the queen in it.The queen box is like the size of my thunb, and the whole box maybe large shoebox size. 3 pounds of bees. I get my sugar water spray ready, find my hive tool, put my long sleeve shirt on, my jeans, winter socks, and my boots. Go out to get my helmet net and gloves. Can’t find it, so I put on $Wife’s veil and go without gloves. So now I’m super freaked, but I’ll man up on it. I’m opening this box of bees with bare hands. And they are starting to sound upset because stuff is heppening. I open it up, loosen the thing holding the queen in, and drop her right into a mass of bees, still in her box. So now I have pissed off bees everywhere, I’m panicking, and the queen box is under like a pound of bees. I start looking for my shit again and finally find it, so now I have the nice helmet and my gloves. I’m sweating and shaking, because bees freak me out some. And the bees are now filling like a 10 foot cube around the hive I go in, dump some of the bees into the hive, put the package back down and see if I can get the queen, no dice. So I put the hive back together halfway, and start trying to open the package all teh way so I can get the queen out. I have at least half a dozen bees crawling on me within my field of vision at all times. When I’m lifting my arms I’m slammign them back down so if a bee flew under my arms it’s getting crushed.

$Friend: omg
this was your lunch hour?
you should have waited for $Wife
So, I wrestle with the box to get it open, finally get it open and use the bee tool to get th equeen out. Take her far enough away that I can just brush the bees off her box, put the marshmallow in place of the cork, then wade back in and place her in the hive, close it up, and lean the package against the hive so the bees can go home.
Yes, that was lunch.
And yes, I should have waited for $Wife.

I am so stressed out right now. OTOH, didn’t get stung, new bees are in place, queen is in place, I think we’re golden.


I’ve always liked the idea of keeping bees, but it would be really stupid for me to try.