What's Your New Shiny?


I used to play DS games on the exercise bike. Actually worked reasonably well, and I’d get the Gameboy out if I had an exercise bike.


You should join our challenges! But you’d have to be friends with us first. :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m friendly. I like people. Some of them.

Currently my ‘exercise’ is walking the dog. And I’m totally milking the local trail being shut down due to ewer main work.


Must be a large jug.


Typo for sewer, but it’s turned into a massive project. Admittedly, the DC Metro area has had a ton of water main failures recently, but this project seems to have stretched into a couple eyar project.

I did find some hints at some point that the end plan is to expand the existing trail, which would make it possible for me to walk to ‘downtown’ of the town I live in. That’s a pretty tiny downtown area, admittedly.

This project would be good for the neighbor we call Wheelchair Guy, who is occasionally seen going to the store by driving his electric wheelchair on the side of the road (most of which has no sidewalks).


Wait, is that because they are getting ready to drain the swamp?


Nah, they drained the sewer-pond (as we call it) a few years ago, and are now rebuilding it. I think it might get more pond-like and less sewer-like when it’s done.

I’m not actually in DC… Nor would i really want to live there. But I’m in the area, and my county in Maryland is close enough to count.

It’s really more that the ‘swamp’ water is just getting moved around,.



Congrats, @Force10


Them’s some nice fingers. Can you recommend a shop? I need a couple, as my typing might suggest.


Congrats @Force10. And you did it properly. In VEGAS BABY!


Congrats! @Force10


Nice going, @Force10!


Holiday weddings are smart. Everything is on sale for your anniversaries. :wink:


The Dragonlady made us a new duvet cover. Purple flannel on the bottom and deep purple cotton with lovely pinprick stars on top. Add matching flannel bottom sheet and flannel pillow covers and …



Sorry, neither photo is very good. I picked it up a few days ago, but I just assembled it last night. It was inexpensive, but I needed to replace my old one, which was well over 15 years old - pretty dang good for a gas grill. But at that age, it is next to impossible to find grates that fit right, and the controls were getting wonky. We’re going to do a cookout this weekend! We’re making venison burgers, which require more precise temperature control, so It was time for a new grill.


What’s that green stuff on the ground?

What kind of burner does it have on the side, mine has one of those infrared burners, I’d rather have the stove top burner again. And mine is reaching that age as well, it’s 10 and I’ve replaced most of the internals ,I didn’t take very good care of it for years and that’s catching up with me quick.

I have my eye on a smaller Weber.


That reminds me. I need to get a new grill cover.


I think the temp on my dash said 84° earlier today, so yeah, we gotz grass.

The side burner is a circle that shoots fire out the side! FIRE, FIRE!!

I don’t think the side burner has any infrared action going on. link

The same grill with a “stainless” top cover was about a hundred bucks more. Ha, no thanks. I’ve seen too many rusty stainless grills on craigslist.

I really like the Weber Spirit series, but at least three times the price, couldn’t justify it. Maybe next time. I took pretty good care of the old one. It still had all original burners & internal stuff. The biggest annoyance was that I couldn’t find cooking grates that fit right. And the igniter module stopped working last summer, but that’s not a big deal. A lot of people rip on CharBroil, but mine lasted pretty good.

I ordered one; should arrive Friday!


My current is a CharBroil, it sits across from my Treager, another maligned brand of questionable utility.

I love my Treager, and my CharBroil has done awesome work for me. I have found that the treager suffers more in teh winter, I can grill with a foot of snow and I get what I want done. The smoker is much more sensitive to external temps. Which is why they sell a thermal blanket for it.