What's Your New Shiny?


I carry a mix in my telco bag. I have had several times when a long-tipped phillips was extremely handy, so I keep one in my bag… It’s named “lucky” as I’ve had to keep it hidden several times. It’s long enough to be useful for attacking cable management/spool-holding ‘mushrooms’ to a telco room wall and such.


I “inherited” a long Phillips when I got to this job. The handle is a fat, teardrop-shaped rubber ball, hefty enough to use as a hammer, and the whole thing is about a foot long.

I use it when I need to put up wall anchors, among other things. Drill into the drywall with the tip (Thump, twist, thump, twist, thump, twist), then use the handle as a hammer to sink the anchor, then use the tip again to drive in the screw.


It may not be very shiny, but it’s the best thing I’ve received for a few years :joy:


Damnit I forgot to bring my P45 in to my new job. Again. Ugh. This is so not good.


I’ve been looking around for one of these, but can’t seem to find it anywhere.


Ha! An iPlug for iHoles!
Really good bottom tone reproduction!


So Bob, when did you start listening to DubStep… Bob? And why are you smiling all the time?


Drop the bass.
I’m all about it.



I’ll just leave it here.


I finally pulled the trigger and replaced my aging Samsung Galaxy S4 with a brand new HTC 10. It’s awesome not having to recharge my phone twice a day. The bigger screen and better sound is pretty cool too.


A spiffing new 2016 Subaru Outback 3.6R, to replace my gracefully-ageing Mitsubishi Magna sedan that I’ve had for nearly 13 years.

This is the first brand new car that I have ever owned - my wife bought her Corolla brand new nearly 15 years ago (which we still have), so it’s pretty exciting for us.


We are about to do the same…our phones are starting to have flashing seizures and won’t always take a charge. But I’m just so cheap, and phones are so expensive…


Does the Outback fit in your garage? The photo implies that it does not…


Doesn’t look like the garage fits in the garage, that’s a small opening. But it’s up a slope.


Aspect ratio makes it look funny. It’ll fit. His appear to be the same size as my garage doors, and I used to park my Windstar in the garage. I could get my F-150 through the door, but don’t know that the length would allow the door to close. (Garage is too packed full of stuff to even try it, though.)


This guy wins. :slight_smile:

That photo was taken before it had ever gone into the garage - but we knew it would fit as my outgoing car was slightly wider, and the previous owner of the house had a van that fit nicely so the height wasn’t going to be an issue either.


Never thought I’d see this day


I got a FitBit Blaze!

I was looking for a new watch, and I’m a lazy slug, so tada!

I don’t walk much when I work from home, everything is too close. I need to find a way to get around that. That doesn’t involve getting away from my PC for half an hour at a time.


Groovy, congrats! That’s the one I wanted when I got my ChargeHR, but the Blaze wasn’t out yet.

My brother-in-law built a jig on my sister’s treadmill that she can set her work laptop in and work while she’s walking. Using a mouse doesn’t work well, but typing and working the touchpad are no problem.


In late 1994 I bought myself a NordicTrack skier and decided to motivate myself to use it by setting it up such that I could use my PC while on it… Mouse/trackball was an issue but I figured I could get around using keyboard shortcuts.

Ultimately I built myself a split keyboard with half on each grip. It was awkward as all get out but with some velcro strapping to keep them on my arms I could still ‘ski’ and type simultaneously.

Looking back, I wonder how I managed not to kill myself on it, but for what I wanted, I managed to make it work. I’ll have to see if I have any pictures of the Frankensteined device still around.