What's Your New Shiny?


This actually came up when we were picking the Nuc up and they said they know several people who keep bees that are allergic. They wear full suits instead of just gloves and a mask. Now the bigger issue is it increases the risk of being stung while wandering around your yard. If you had a couple acres I bet it wouldn’t be an issue, but if I remember right you have a postage stamp, so if you weren’t allergic you could pull it off, but since you are I’d be concerned, even if you could eliminate the risk while working thee bees, that you’d step on one and get stung.



Our 'fridge was making dying noises so we decided we’d replace it.
Research showed May was best time for pricing, so we planned ahead to buy in May.
The old one fit into an inverted “L” or cabinets installed in the 50’s? 60’s? In any case, the old one was short enough I could look across the top… so 68" or so (172 cm). It was also skinnier than the average 'fridges available now.

So… cabinets came out and were replaced first, and finished in April. The little 'fridge looked almost comical in the space for our planned replacement.
This was the same project that had me running a new ground wire and water supply in a previous post.

The replacement arrived Saturday.

It almost seemed too big for our little story-and-a-half, but we’re getting used to it pretty quickly.

However, the old beat-up 'fridge that we had in the basement garage also really needed to be replaced… the seals were leaky as a sieve, and we had constant battle with mildew growing on the moisture that accumulated there.
So, we nutted up and did a replacement there, too. Lots fewer options needed there - juts a Plain Jane freezer over 'fridge.

Credit Card’s gonna have to take a breather after all that!


Freezer… in the top? But heat rises… you want the freezer in the bottom so it stays cold!

It’s actually really hard to find freezer-tops now, pretty much all fridge-freezers need to have the freezer at the bottom to achieve the A+ economy rating and now that our country has finally caught on that things with A+ economy ratings are financially economical (whoa, seriously?) it’s pretty hard to sell anything that doesn’t have the big green sticker on.

Well, unless your name is Lord Toffmore or something, and you’re buying a 296gallon chest freezer for keeping your whole deer in or something :rolling_eyes: hehe


Well, I do have a stand up 26 sq foot freezer in the basement. And my regular fridge has the freezer on top, but it’s an old piece of crap. It was the garage fridge at my old house.

I agree in principle, if the thing you are replacing is already broken. Replacing your old fridge because you’ll save money on the new one is a sucker’s bet. Saving $10 a year on electricity takes forever to pay for a $1,500 fridge.


On the other hand we spent £75 on a new fridge freezer and adding up off the top of my head it’s saving almost £200 over the rates our old separate fridge and freezer cost to run. Depends on the age and the efficiency really… replacing a newer B/C rating fridge with an A+ one is silly because then you’re scrapping a perfectly good unit, but our old ones despite being newish (<8years) were both E rated heh


Yeah… I’d love to replace the fridge in my house as I know it’s not very efficient, has a couple broken widgets, and my general desire to be a good consumer. On the other hand, food’s still cold.

Also, in about 3 months it’ll be like getting a freezer expansion as we can do the ritual thing and eat/throw out the wedding cake that’s been taking up a quarter of the freezer in it’s little cake-sarcophagus.


I love how everyone saves it intending to eat it, and almost no one eats the dang thing. My cake maker even did something special and made a specific layer to be saved… didn’t matter, we didn’t follow the instructions and it was manky as all hell.


We ate the top tier after a month. It was good. We don’t have a deep freezer, so there was no point in trying to make it last longer.


I wish we had.


We actually did this thing where the official ‘cake’ was cupcakes for everyone and a small (6" square?) cake to look at and sit in the freezer. I’ll be honest, I’m cynical it’ll be remotely edible.

And I like cake.


Any time I’ve bought a chest freezer, I like to buy an axe.
Just to give the cashier something to think about.


You sir, are Evil!


Why do people keep their wedding cake? My parents caused quite a stir by inviting everyone to finish theirs.

I know fruit cake can last, but heck, didn’t someone recently buy some of the Queen’s wedding cake? It’d be like eating alcoholic asphalt! Ick!


Tradition. I have a feeling we’ll take a bite, then decide to go get ice cream or something instead of trying to force this down.

I’m totally cool with our cake decision for the wedding, which was a mix of orange and lemon flavored cupcakes. I normally go for chocolate when I want sweets, but the fruit worked really well after a fancy dinner, I thought. I think the ‘keep’ cake was one of those, but no idea which.


I got me a Raspberry Pi 3.

I need to figure out a technical trick for a possible attraction for Halloween with it, though: Hook up a foot pedal to rotate through 2 or more images output.

($Wife’s friends do a ‘Halloween in the Park’ event and want us to help out. A simple-ish trick I’m developing is a rig so someone can be the ‘scary painter’ in the asylum. Painting is displayed via a projector as either an animation or still file and can switch to something scary at the press of a foot pedal.)


I have new power lines in my garage, and the ability to expand them and finish as I go along thanks to @DocDubious’s assistance. We played some monkey watch monkey do with electricity. Moved a line downstairs in the basement.

And after he left, I installed a lighting fixture. Something I’ve done several times before, but now I did it with the right tools and confidently instead of nervously.


In honor of my trip to @Woodman’s place, I bought new linesman pliersand diagonal cutters.

Soligen steel, fit my hand like they were custom fitted.


Very nice. I have an Irwin 9-in-1 multi-tool I can’t seem to live without.


We picked up a set of electrician’s tools for @Woodman, including a holster, linesman pliers, wire stripper, and multi-driver, much like that.

I personally prefer a single-tip driver most of the time, even though my pouch runneth over.