What's Your New Shiny?


I got a thin, translucent gel case for my HTC 10. It’s just enough to protect the phone from accidental drops without adding a lot of bulk, and it’s clear, so I can still see my pretty phone. :wink:

Edit: Okay, I didn’t get the completely clear case. I got the purple, almost clear case.


This is my first smartphone without a plastic back so I used to have no issue slapping a case on a phone. It really did seem to be a shame to slap a case on this phone, but I had to do it. At least I picked out a decent looking case. The smoked plastic goes well with the black on the phone. The phone is a lot easier to grip with the case.


That’s the same case I’ve gotten for my last 2 phones. In fact, it helped make the decision for me because they only make cases for certain phone lines.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

The Dragonlady got my hand-me-down upgrade with that case on a Galaxy S3.

I haven’t bothered with the screen protection film. The glass on these phones is sufficient.


I had an orange UAG case on my old S3. They didn’t make one for my G3. I now have the same color case as my son does for his iPhone 6 plus.


You just described every reason I put a case on my iPhone 6s.

The Otterbox Commuter I put on it is pretty impressive.


I had something like that on my old Droids, but it never felt like enough protection.


I’m generally pretty good about avoiding accidents with my phone. If I do drop it, it’s usually not a bad drop. Last week, my phone wouldn’t have been saved by a case, since it hit a protruding piece of metal directly on the screen at just the perfect angle to shatter. It still works, so I thought about just replacing the screen, but decided on the new phone instead.


The Moto X is on sale right now for Mother’s Day, $100 off. Ordered one last night for the step-son. I really like mine, as does the wife. :slight_smile:


I tend to go Otterbox for phone protections. Admittedly, I have small-ish phones, but it’s a good mix for me being clumsy and working in DCs and such.


I had an Otterbox. My phone certainly felt safe, but there’s no point in having a sleek phone if you’re going to cover it up in a clunky case that triples its size.


My HTC 10 shipped. It should be here on Thursday. :slight_smile: Just two more days with the broken phone.


There’s a fine line between enough protection and too bulky in cases. I’ve never liked Otterbox for that reason. I had to put a case on my S7 Edge as there was no way I could easily grip a strip of aluminum sandwiched between two pieces of glass. I certainly have a much better grip on my phone with the case installed. It seems to offer decent protection without being too bulky.

I bought my wife a clear Speck case for her gold S7. A good point she made to me was that the Edge screen exposes itself to more damage due to the design. You can’t get decent lip protection from a case all around the screen since it’s curved on two sides.


Depends on which Otterbox you’re looking at. The Defender series is the big, bulky one and I agree that it’s a bit much. I’ve for a Commuter on my phone and it’s a nice balance. I think one of the “bumper” type cases that’s just a thin silicone shell around the phone wouldn’t make it thick enough for me to feel like I’m getting a good grip on it.


Upvote here for the Commuter line. I had a Defender and it wouldn’t fit in any belt case. The Commuter fits most, and while it’s a little bigger, it’s not huge.


I just got battleborn for ps4 that is my new shiny!


Any good? I signed up for the Beta and then ran out of time to mess with it.


it seems fantastic, but ive only spent about 40 min with it last night. im playing on ps4 and seeing a few points where it staggers but other than that its running nicely


I’ve looked at the Commuter cases and they aren’t bad. For the level of protection they offer, I will get something similar that I like more for whatever reason. I’ve been happy with UAG in the past. My son loved both of his UAG cases for his iPhones.

That being said, I wouldn’t recommend an Edge version of any Samsung phone to those prone to dropping phones often. A case that could protect that screen fully would probably ruin the reasons for having that uniquely curved screen in the first place.


I’ve been out on the bike twice now and it’s very nice to ride. First time out, I realized why I had been given the recommendation to go with a tall enough bike that I can’t put both feet on the ground while sitting on it: If your legs are bent too much because you’re sitting too low, you’re not getting as much power as you move the pedals. And 24 gears with finger shifters are quite a step of from a 10-speed where you had to move a lever to shift gears.

Now I just need the little trip computer to come in that I ordered from the bike shop so I can tell how far I’m riding and what the current time is. I think I averaged about 10 miles both times and that was enough without making me excessively tired.


Take a picture!