What's Your New Shiny?


Heh, because of all the “mid price” headphones all turning into different Dre copycats, I’ve actually kept using a pair of £17 Panasonic’s that I bought in 2008 for an emergency university audio editing deadline situation. They weren’t the best I could have bought for under £20 back then, but now, listening to the awful cans in the shops, I think my cruddy old Panasonic’s sound better than anything in the Sub-£60 category, let alone the Sub-£20.

Everything’s about the bass. Even if you specifically ask for headphones designed for a good rock tone you get a set of cans that can’t provide any sort of clarity in the mid-range at all, it’s an awful combination of tinny highs and ridiculously over the top bass that isn’t even defined all that well besides its ability to go BWOOM.

I’m not being snobby over music genres. I listen to a range of things, from the odd classical hit thru punk rock thru death metal thru industrial thru electro so… yeah. The one uniting thing for all those though is their total lack of requirement of BWOOMability in headphones.

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I love my sol republic headphones. All three failure points, cable, headband, and cans, are individually replaceable. I’ve replaced the wire once, replaced and upgraded the cans once, and I’m still on the same headband.

Good sound, comfortable, and I don’t have to replace the whole thing if something goes wrong.


Both my kids have Koss Porta-Pros. They sound good and have a generous lifetime warranty. Send them in any shape with few dollars for return shipping, and they send them back fully repaired or replaced. Which reminds me, both pairs need to be sent in for repairs.

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My Fallout 4 Loot Crate showed up way before it’expected date of next Tuesday. Hoodie, messenger bag, coasters, pins and a plush Dogmeat (FYI… Gratch has declared Dogmeat is hers).


I got these on a Woot-off… they arrived last week and they’re pretty great! Now the wife doesn’t have to hear all the gunfire, explosions, and carnage when I’m playing Halo 5 :slight_smile:

Also on Amazon

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GameStop was running a deal where I also got a free controller and game in addition to everything else. Picked up The Witcher III to play once I’m done with Fallout 4. Back to Game Stop tomorrow to pick up aforementioned Fallout 4. Been playing Halo 4 in the meantime since I never played it on 360.


Nice! I got mine earlier this year, before the 1TB version was announced. It would have been nice to get double the space, but I’ve enjoyed it. I may end up connecting an external drive to bump up the storage space.


I have a set of Sennheiser HD280 cans in about 2007, which cost me an arm and a leg at the time.

I bought them for use with my digital piano, and they are excellent. Very clear mid-range, not (overly) harsh in the high and the bass is responsive without being overbearing. I compared them to a friend’s AKG 900 series set of about the same vintage, and the Sennies were a lot warmer and pleasant to listen to.

The only thing about them is that they are closed-back design, which means you can’t hear much else when you’ve got them on… but that’s OK with me.


A Pizza Hut gift card.


My body is ready…


Fallout arrived yesterday.

I would have said, but I was too busy playing Fallout.

Today, the fiancé is playing Fallout and I am trying very, very hard not to drop spoilers.


It’s a 2012 Mazda 3. Only 8800 miles. Practically new. Traded my '04 Sentra in for it on Saturday.


[quote=“Force10, post:462, topic:462, full:true”]
It’s a 2012 Mazda 3. Only 8800 miles. [/quote]

Whoa. I bought my new car in June and I’m already licking 14,000 miles! That’s a good buy!


Bye bye cheese car.


Yep. The cheese car had engine issues that were going to cost too much to fix.


Too much mozzarella?

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I got black Friday deals on a stove and over-the-range microwave. I had not planned on also buying and installing a new upper cabinet, but it was necessary. The whole job took a lot longer than I had planned. I’m happy with the end result, though! Before (a couple years ago) and after pictures…


I don’t have it in my possession yet, but it’s a 50" screen, just like the one it’s replacing. Got a great Cyber Monday deal on Amazon. My old Samsung DLP has these annoying white dots all over the screen, which means the mirrors are failing, so it was time for an upgrade. This one is a Vizio. Also the term “4K” bothers me because it’s marketing speak. They’re not measuring the same thing as with the previous generation of TVs. It should be called 2160p. But I get that they want to make people think it’s 4 times as good instead of twice.


I dunno. Gratch and I bought a 4k last year and you can really tell the difference sometimes. Its hooked up to the HTPC so I can actually test it and show a real 4k file.