What's Your New Shiny?

I suspect I may have some Scots blood mixed with my German blood, or it may just be me…

Red/ Black may have been Royal Stewart, or Rob Roy - common “anyone wears” tartans.

The one in your recent pic is most def Black Watch… the very group that gives voice to the term “properly regimental.”

Official Registry:

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I think it was Royal Stewart. That kilt is in the laundry pile right now, but needs to wait until we have dryer rack capacity for a few days. It was a relatively cheap one I bought back in the early 00s. It’s possible I screwed up, it’s possible the place I ordered from screwed up.

The company that makes the new one actually has their ‘own’ pattern which isn’t bad. I almost wish I had gotten that one instead. My family name is so common I would need deep research to tie to anything more specific, and may descend from English or other sources anyway. We’re mutts.

I’m wishing I had a chance to hit the Renn Fest again this season to try he new one out, but it doesn’t look like that’s happening.

Well, I just bought a bunch of leather and crafting tools and $500 worth of patterns. I guess I’m getting into armouring and bag-making.

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Armoured kilt with matching leather sporran?

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Yeah, because people don’t think I’m weird enough.


I got an entire woodworking workshop for $600.

I thought it was:
220 10" Table Saw
Reciprocating Saw
Drill Press
and a helping hand and some clamps.

IT was also:
Several hundred dollars in specialized jigs.
A table saw with a full contractor sized cast iron top, with a $200 after market fence.
Three routers, including one palm sized.
A Craftsman branded dremel
A cutting tool with full speed control.
6 pipe clamps, multiple c clamps.
a Scroll saw
a trailer bottom of wood, mostly 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch plywood. Nothing fancy but good scrap.
Cabinitry router bits
A Delux Incra jig.

Really almost everything but a band saw. He’s a college football coach, and he got into woodworking in the 90’s and hasn’t touched it for at least 7-8 years. So there is some surface rust, and it’s possible one or two things have locked up. It was sitting in the middle of his 8 car two story climate controlled garage all kind of piled together, I’m not sure it had moved since he moved in 7-8 years ago. There was no workshop area set up in the garage or anything. The brands are Ryobi, Craftsman, and Delta so it’s not crap and in many cases it appears he bought the best brand for the tool at the time.

Once I finish my garage wiring project (Waiting on a house to sell to fund the upgrade to 200 amp service in the house and run a line over there) then I have no excuse to not finally get all my projects rolling, this was a huge score, the friend who drove out the hour and a half to go get it at 9 at night and I are figuring new it was easily $3k.

The odd part is that there are no bits. No spare drill bits, no router bits, no extra blades. I’m assuming they are all in a box in his basement or in storage or something.


Wow! That’s a really nice haul.

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I bet you’re still way ahead even if you have to sink some decent money into quality bits and blades. #NiceHaul

I’m So far ahead I have the budget left for the little stuff. Not all at once, but it’s there.

I keep wandering in my head thinking of the things I can do now.

All of this in too of me getting an offer to work part time at a Honey bee farm. I’ve been spending 20-30 hours a week building bee keeping stuff. Basically a work what you want and also when we need you thing. Part of this job is running a table saw and a chip saw and various nai lers, so I’m getting took time in there too.


Dang! @Woodman got me all jelly!

Enjoy it!

I picked this beauty up at a fabric flea market on the weekend for $50.
All metal body and gears, made in Japan in 1977. All mechanical. Converts to a free arm. Double needle capable. Super high shank. Almost new condition with no dings in the paint or yellowing. The hard plastic carrying case is in perfect condition.
This should go through a couple of layers of leather like a lightsaber through a wampa.


My grandma had one of those. That thing was a tank.

A guy I work with is selling me one his surplus Wyze cameras with a 32 GB SC card for $50. This is only slightly less than buying new, but he says he hasn’t even used it and is someone I trust.
I plan to use it at craft shows to monitor my ring and bracelet selection in case of theft. Now that I’m making smaller things that are worth way more, this is a concern.
People are complaining about theft happening at their stores or at other craft markets, but nobody has taken any steps to protect themselves.
I even have a cap that fits on my DeWalt 20V MAX batteries to convert their power into USB pixies for the camera. Now I have to make a box for it all to fit in so it looks nice on the table.
I still have to do a test to see how long the smallish batteries will last, but I imagine it will be quite a while. If it runs out, I can just swap in another battery. The SD card can record several days at 720p. This might be a very popular option once I get it running.
Really Horrible Security.

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Hmmm. It appears that everything I buy costs $50.

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Wife’s new ride…

2020 Escape. It’s nifty!


I’m at school in AZ for four months but was not willing to either a) subject my beloved Ibanez bass to the horrors of the airline system nor b) not play for four months. This is a relatively cheap “starter” P-bass clone, but has a nice rosewood fretboard and decent knobs and whatnot. The frets were a little sharp, but a $4 sanding block took care of that.


I’ve also heard instruments and humidity don’t mix… This might be different if we’re talking electrified stuff, I guess?

Are you mainly looking at just being able to practice with a rig to headphones (or something like Rocksmith)? Was the sharpness burs or the way the material is shaped?

Sounds like a perfectly reasonable option: I find I am always trying to convince people you don’t need the best (or even merely high-level…I have no idea where you Ibanez bass stands in the ranks of basses) tools for a hobby, especially when you’re starting. This even applies to dice for gamers. Get a cheap chessex set or two. Don’t cry if they’re inevitably lost to the cat. Play the game. Metal dice or other fancy dice won’t make you a better game. Might even make you unwelcome if you dent someone’s dinner table.

(Slight exception for SCUBA where there’s some really good reasons to avoid super cheap gear… But it’s also advised that new divers ignore some of the more complex and expensive options and that’s not even getting into crazy stuff like rebreather rigs.)

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No Nut November has given me a lot of spare time. Like, a LOT of spare time.
I finished up the 38 sample rings for the next few Christmas shows, and they are all very shiny.

That’s a bit more than I needed to know.

In preparation for deer season, I started no shave November (or whatever) at the beginning of September.
Opening day was November 2nd. Since I went, and the wife isn’t a fan of a beard on me (and honestly, my cheeks never really fill in), I shaved it down to a mustache and goatee over the weekend.