What's your most memorable gaming moment?


I’m not real into dragons, D&D, etc., but yes, you must make that your quest - find an old globe with “here be dragons”. Love it.


Poking my head back in here… Hi! :slight_smile:

I have several stories I remember from gaming days, but one of my first characters with our longest-lasting group was for a Star Wars game (1997… I think). I played a woman who used to fly for the Empire, but was blinded when her tie-fighter was shot down over…some planet, I don’t remember. She was healed – able to “see” using the Force – and subsequently recruited to the Rebellion. That’s all backstory.

The best moment in that entire game was when she and her much more experienced party members were trying to rescue Luke Skywalker from a giant serpent or tentacled thing that had him coiled up and lifted off the ground. All the lightsaber users – including our highly skilled dual-saber wielder – couldn’t bring the thing down, and were getting their asses handed to them in the process.

All I had was a blaster, so I rolled to shoot and managed a critical hit to its eye that took it down in one blast. So, the blind, not-quite-Jedi woman saved Luke Skywalker and the whole party with a blaster when all the Jedi in the room couldn’t do it with their fancy swords. It was a proud moment. :wink:


And on second thought, the way my group has been going lately a memorable moment would be getting everyone back in the same gaming session.

Last week I had one show up out of 4. So we had a solo adventure that my wife and daughter played in with the one dude who showed up. He ended up with another level out of it, everyone else just hit second, and while I want them to advance slowly two of them didn’t even tell me they were going to be late, so screw them.