What's your most memorable gaming moment?


I feel like cheating/editing/console commands for a lot of games is cheating, but for the original Bards Tale… Not really offended. When the only realistic tactic to get past level 1 it to make tons of characters, laboriously transfer their initial funds around, and then delete them, why show the game respect?


My dad and unused to play those together, each of us controlling a different character. Azure Bonds was the second one. They were called the Gold Box games. SSI was the bomb, played the deal out of their strategic games too. Fighting the Russians in the Fulda Gap.

Did you play the Buck Rogers version?


I didn’t. I wish I had known that they made that title way back when, I would’ve totally snagged it up. lol I remember installing the EoB games on 1.25 disks in DOS.

I’m gonna have to go download DOSBox and spin those games up again.


I thing GOG has versions that will run.


Completing Star Wars Dark Forces for the first time. I was sitting in “the office” (a small room on the end of the house that didn’t have heating and occasionally if it was raining didn’t have electricity, man that house sucked) on a dining chair playing on our donated Win95/DOS computer (I guess it was pre-'97 as I didn’t have the PowerMac 6200 yet) and this was just after I had worked out, at the age of presumably six, how to install DOS applications properly so that save files worked and stuff. It was spring, the fan heater was on making the room smell like fried dust, and I had managed to get a pair of speakers working instead of just using the PC speaker so I was playing with stereo sound, and oh man that final battle took forever, having to replay the entire level every time I died…

But then I did it. The Arc Hammer was destroyed, the Rebellion had won, Kyle Katarn was flying into the distance in the Mouldy Crow (heh, I see what they did there), and the credits started rolling. Perfection.


Bought a copy of Bloodwych for the IBM PC when it was released… and never got round to play it.

The following website has a remake of it.



I’ve mentioned that I’ll be relocating for work soon, so I’ve been packing up boxes of my gaming stuff. It fits in 3 very large 55 gallon storage bins and about 8 little cube storage boxes.

I can’t wait to put my giant map of Greyhawk up again. I may dig out my Planescape, Dragonlance, and Forgotten Realms stuff to go up as well.

Since the gaming community (tabletop folks) is bigger where I’m going, I’m hoping I can FINALLY be able to run some older modules that I dearly love to their end (Temple of Elemental Evil, Queen of the Spiders, etc). It’s not really a gaming moment, per se, but the nostalgia is getting to me as I sit here at work. Not going to lie - I wish I could have you guys at my gaming table. :slight_smile:


I had that map up on my living room wall for years in the 90’s!


I’m a part of some Greyhawk groups on FB and I would LOVE to get the HUGE one that Anna Meyer has done up. It’s one of my favorite settings and I feel that map would do it justice!


The one I had covered the entire living room wall. I’m pretty sure I still have it folded up in my game closet.


This one?


A small regret is I wasn’t able to make the numbers work to try and start a business printing Cool Fantasy Maps on cloth. Rights would have been an issue, but I’d have loved to see some stuff like that one printed on cloth. Or some of the best Planescape art. Or gems like the duotone maps from the Atlases they did back in 2e.

If I move, I’d love to decorate my office with a mix of fantasy maps, real-world maps, and various blueprint/schematics.The latter have come in vogue lately and won’t be hard to find.


The one I had was of the city of Greyhawk. I think I have that one too, though.


I maaaaaaaaaay have an extensive 100+GB gaming library that you could look around in.

shifty eyes


There are tons of people at local events, and GenCon, that sell copies of fantasy maps. Not sure how they get away with it legally. Though I bet most of them are too small for anyone to notice, but the GenCon dude is hawking maps right next to author row, so you’d think he’d get nailed.

That being said, my study will have a horribly out of date globe, and fantasy maps on the walls. Likely to include a fantasy version of the local area.


Does it have things like “French West Africa” on it?


Cool! It’ll be a collector’s piece at one stage. Taneleer Tivan must know of this.


Will it be the open that opens up to have drinks storage inside?


If it’s an antique globe (I’m talking Tsarist Russia and peak British Arseholery) and it’s supposed to be in a study, I think by law it has to contain at least a decent Scotch.


I may go older than that, if I could get one that said here be dragons if get it…

And I’d rather not have scotch in it, since then I won’t be able to spin it correctly. I’ll keep the liquor in the dry sink it’s in now.