What's with CWX?

It’s been a while since y’all heard from me.

In September, my van (the one I was living in) was impounded by SFPD’s unfinest. This kicked off a downward spiral, but I was able to get some help getting myself somewhat sane again. It took a few months, obviously.

Through all of this I had little or no Internet access. However, I kept plugging away at writing, with the blessings of my therapists and doctors. Through hard work, not to mention gratuitous, violent hair loss, I was able to get myself into a place to live. Yes, I am still in San Francisco. It’s not the greatest, but then again, I don’t need the greatest (although a little more peace and quiet would be appreciated).

I’m still waiting to hear back on my Disability case, we have a hearing set for July 9th.

I just published the book I’d been working on the entire time (and no it’s not autobiography, journal, or self-help).

In case anyone’s interested, here’s the dope on that:

Just in time for Father’s Day (and I was sweating down to the wire, due to some “undocumented computer features”), I have The Bandanna Gang & The Dad Conspiracy out as an eBook. I managed to give you all a discount (usually it’s $2.75), but that’s only good until Saturday (that’s the best I could do, my publisher is a real bastard)!

Six kids against a cruel world…
And desperate for something more…
They each ran away from home environments more dangerous than the cold, damp streets of San Francisco.

Linzie is eleven. Kyle is nine, and Darryl is eight. Together, they watch over six-year old Caz, five-year old Ernie, and another little boy who has never spoken a word. Homeless, they protect and provide for each other on the streets of San Francisco.

Halfway through autumn, with winter soon to follow, the three older kids are afraid they can’t make it through the hard months ahead. None of them have enough faith for a miracle, so instead they have decided to find themselves a Dad.

What they find may be more than they could imagine.

Publisher’s warning: This novel includes adult language (although often used by minors), as well as situations and language that describe or depict the following:  homelessness; child abuse and sexual abuse; violence; homosexuality and homophobia; shoplifting, theft, squatting, and other minor crimes; and alternative views of government, society, and religion.
It does not contain scenes of graphic sex or sexual abuse.
Therefore, some people may find such situations and language offensive or disturbing.

Check it out! (It’s even readable on Android devices, and can be used with most text-to-voice software)

That link will take you straight to the checkout, with the discount applied, although you are free to look around the site for other great books (maybe even a couple of my other ones). :wink:

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Welcome back! Hope things are looking up for you. :slight_smile:

For varying definitions of “up”. My life is much better when I don’t open the blinds or go out in public.

Let’s just say that my therapist, psyche-iatrist and I had a falling out last month, so they’ve been treading carefully with me.

Glad to see you back, CWX - I was thinking about you the other day, actually.

I had been wondering as well. Hopefully things can start on an upward spiral for you.

Welcome back.

Hopefully things stay getting better for you.

Yeah, me too.

Warning: thread necromancy detected.

If anyone is wondering about the avatar, it is in memory of my sister. The silver-gray (or “pearl gray”) awareness ribbon is for birth defects awareness.


I was wondering what the ribbon was for.

I hope your sister did not suffer.

I doubt she suffered. If she did, it was mercifully brief.

I made a vow to dedicate every novel I write to her, and have done so.

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