What television show are you watching?


Westworld finished their first season yesterday. I can just hear all of the hosts singing, “We’re not gonna take it. No, we ain’t gonna take it. We’re not gonna take it anymore.”


People of Earth on TBS. INORITE?!?!


The Tick wasn’t terrible, but I don’t see it working. We watched it a few months ago.


Now that I have abundant time and no one to spend it with, I’m watching Game of Thrones. How about that Red Wedding, huh?

Starting with S5, I’m finally getting to the point where my memories of the books are hazy; I read the first one like 15 times, but the later ones only once or twice.

After this I think I’m going to watch Battlestar Galactica. I started to last war ('06) but never got past the first part of S2.


I need to go back and watch BG again when I have some free time. It isn’t something that you can have on in the background and still follow - you have to be paying attention most of the time. Totally worth it, though!

My step-son started watching this and is digging it I’ve never started because there has always been something else that I’d rather see.


Ditto. Just finished Archer a couple weeks ago, Red Vs Blue last week, Znation now. Looking for not too serious background noise while working from home.


I think around S5 of GoT they’ve caught up with the books and are working off notes taken during drunken dinner conversations with G.R.R. Martin.


We finished Santa Clarita Diet last night. It was hilarious. A bit disturbing in parts, but we really enjoyed it.


I don’t have a lot of tv time, and I discovered I like procedurals. Got boared and dumped Bones, but I am onto season 5 of Criminal Minds now.


Been watching Daredevil on Netflix lately and it really is surprisingly good. Much better than Luke Cage in almost every aspect. Not to say Luke Cage was bad, I enjoyed it too, but the Daredevil’s pacing and action is more enjoyable.


I like Paget Brewster, who was on that for a few seasons, but mainly for her long-running role as Sadie Doyle on the Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast. She sees ghosts. And drinks.


Gratch and I are plowing through the new Dirk Gently. Very dark in some spots. We may watch the old one when we’re done to see how much different it is. I think it’s still on Amazon Prime. We’re also binge watching Hooten and the Lady.


It took me three weeks to go through GoT seasons 2 through 6. That’s more television than I’ve watched in the last year, probably.

Not sure what to watch next. Or maybe I’ll read for a while…


That’s some pretty good material to binge watch. Excellent choice.


The Magicians has started up again, so we decided to rewatch the first season again to refamiliarize ourselves with the intricate plot. Plus, cute girls in various states of undress and shenanigans.


So, you’re sayin’ I should watch the Magicians


You should definitely watch The Magicians. It’s quite enjoyable for a variety of reasons. Also, shenanigans.


It keeps coming up in my recommended things, not child appropriate I assume?


I don’t think it is included on Amazon Prime :disappointed:


I think I saw it on Netflix.