What television show are you watching?


I think being on a space station, thus staying put for the most part, lent itself to the continuing storyline, too.


I always thought DS9 was better because Sisko was yelling all the time:



Your choice, constant yelling or quietly smiling while figuring out how to plant a nuclear device in the enemy’s luggage.


Heh. I don’t pay my license; I don’t watch TV.

Although we have been watching Star Trek: Voyager. Well, I’ve been watching it, Paul has been tutting and going on his laptop.

Captain Janeway is the queen bitch though.


I’ve read a theory that the writer’s room didn’t have a clear unified concept for her, so she appears to have some indecision and/or mode swings caused by her being “tough, no-nonsense, austere” one episode, then “highly interested in secondary exploration goals and/or willing to risk primary mission for things they’re not involved in” the next, which caused a lot of problems.

If only we had gotten the suggest B5 spinoff of Ivanova as captain.


To, err, follow up my own point:

Voyager as a whole had a problem with different writers not being on the same page, as far as I can tell. One issue it sometimes shared with Deep Space 9 is that I think there were a not small number of scripts that were written or at least proposed as a script from TNG and rewritten for use in the later show.

If it’s a DS9 episode in the first few seasons where a plot involves the station crew off scouting through the wormhole, I feel like there’s a definite sign that it was at least pitched for another show and rewritten to fit. They seem to have realized this and corrected, with the war plotline taking over and focusing on better reasons to be messing around.

It’s a bit harder to see with Voyager, but I’ve noticed that some writers really push the “limited resources” angle while others disregard it. It shows if you binge watch, and have an episode where they’re complaining about food and power rationing in one episode then doing whatever they want the next.


Yes, I’ve totally seen that, too, and had the “Err, what?? Weren’t they just? But? Ugh.” reaction


We watched episode 1 of Jessica Jones Saturday night.

Kind of intense. Not sure how far dakwife is going to take it but we’re going to try a few more episodes for sure.


Stranger Things is pretty good. has it been mentioned yet? Set in 1983, with lots of affection for movies like E.T, The Goonies, and a little bit of 80s horror. Not particularly bloody, but there’s some goo and the monster (and it’s kills) is a little gory at times. No explicit sexual content, a little implied.

Great acting from young (10-15?) children, who cary a major plot-thread of the story.

Basic summary is a group of D&D playing outcast kids in a small town get called to action when one of their number disappears and a weird girl appears who has sever social issues (trouble speaking, doesn’t understand a lot of cultural basics) and various psychic powers. A search for the kid ensues, which ties in with plot threads involving the high school kids and the adults of the town, which is (of course) right next to a shadowy government facility.

Setting it in 1983 establishes the ties to the inspiring media, but also deals with the “why didn’t they call home and/or take a picture for evidence with their cell phone?” issue.


My tech just told me yesterday that I need to watch this show. Its now on my list to binge watch.


It is a fairly quick binge watch at that. Eight episodes and they ride together very well. I introduced the family to them last weekend… now they are counting down to the release of Season 2 (which starts filming in October, I believe).


Just googled it…
Winona Rider - mmmm, Q-T-Pi !
Sorry, she is within a few years of my age, so in & after high school, she was very popular in my circles. She always seemed more down to earth than other celebs of the same vintage.

Anyway, thanks for the recommend, I’ll try to remember to check it out this weekend.


One of several odd things about aging.

  1. having the hots for a similarly aged actor. How do you process this 20 years later when you see one of their older films again. I’m 44, she’s 15, but I had the hots for her at 15 so it’s ok now?

  2. The Emma Watson factor, I’m old enough to be her father, and I damn near watched her grow up, but she’s pretty dang cute now, where does the creep factor begin there?

  3. An older actress playing a younger part.

  4. Poison Ivy (Or the one with all the roses), this movie is designed to confuse older men. Am I supposed to be turned on now, or repulsed? Wait, the actress is 18, the character is 16, and the first time I saw it I was like 20… how is this supposed to work?


[quote=“RoadRunner, post:92, topic:972”]
Anyway, thanks for the recommend, I’ll try to remember to check it out this weekend.[/quote]

She’s apparently been accused of overacting in Stranger Things but (no spoiler) she’s a mother who’s son has just disappeared. She’s going to freak out a bit.I thought she did a good job, but what do I know? The child actors all do a pretty good job, too.


Yes, it was ok then, and now, especially if they’ve aged well. :wink:

I’ve never seen anything with her in it. (Yes, I’ve never seen a Harry Potter movie nor read the books.) But I think the creep factor begins when you go beyond “If she was around when I was x-teen, oh yeah” type thoughts. Google says she is 26 now, so it shouldn’t be too creepy; still well short of Tony Randall territory - he was 75 when he married a 25 year old.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Poison Ivy, either. Just Googled it, too… came out in 92 - how do I not remember that? From the synopsis, it sounds creepy all by itself.


I’m watching Voyager as mentioned: If nothing else, the scene of the chef trying to teach 7 of 9 to eat was amusing.


Been watching the A-Team with the ooklets. Yes, yes, I know it’s old, but for me the old stuff is better than the newfangled garbage they want kids to watch.

And the interaction between BA and Howlin’ Mad Murdoch sometimes are hilarious.


I love it when a plan comes together.




Jenna Coleman is frickin’ adorable.

That would probably also fit in Random Musings thread, or as a reply to the Clara death exchange in a Happy thread, but I just had to put that out there.
I watched the episode with the raven last night, and am in the middle of the spooky next one now.