What television show are you watching?


The Bosch series of books is excellent. And the episodes I watched were pretty true to the series. Harry is one of my favorite characters out there.


Houdini and Doyle is something Gratch and I started watching.


I just finished watching Algernon ni Hanatabi wo (Flowers for Algernon). They kept the spirit of the story, but I thought it was interesting how they changed the ending. It wasn’t a happy ending, but it wasn’t a completely sad ending either. All in all, not a bad adaptation of the story.


Futurama rewatch. S3E8 “Luck of the Fryish” about Fry’s brother Yancy is an unexpected kick in the feels.


Futurama’s characters can sometimes come off as a bit hateful and self-centered, especially in the Fox era. But then there’s a kicker episode like this one and you realize they’re actually just well-written human beings with flaws and stuff.

At least in my opinion, but perhaps I’ma bit hateful and self-centered.


It’s been so long since we watched actual broadcast TV, I’ve actually been wondering about pulling down our satellite dish and going full interwebs. We watch enough youtube channels for there to be a couple hours worth of new videos every evening, so it’s like having a TV station that only ever shows what we want to watch.

That and we’ve been watching Xavier, Renegade Angel, which is made by the same people as Wonder Showzen and at least a googol times more bizarre (and Wonder Showzen isn’t something to show your kids to begin with, it’s a deconstruction of popular kids television shows of the 80s and 90s). Xavier is about an… angel(?)/beastman type of being who’s grasp of reality is less secure than mine after a hefty course of narcotics and loud disorienting music. It’s worth a watch if you like shows that confuse the heck out of you.

Also, all of you should go watch Wonder Showzen. Download it from the Internets from all good Pirate Bays, or I think they sell it on DVD in the USA which is even better because then you’re funding them :smiley:


This would also fit in the Random Musings thread…
Star Trek: Voyager, Season 5, Episode 19, "Think Tank"
I can’t not see George Costanza in the scheming weasel character, the spokesperson for the think tank group.
I’ve been streaming Voyager at work, partially for background noise.

I’m also watching Defiance (SyFy), Stargate SG-1, Stargate Universe, and almost caught up on Doctor Who.

Just finished The Pacific - similar to Band of Brothers, which I’m also occasionally watching with my stepson when he comes over. Also just finished second season of Bosch, and Amazon original series based on the character/stories in Michael Connolly books.

I need to add Orphan Black back into my queue; sorta dropped the ball on that one when I got busy a while back. Falling Skies, too.


I remember that episode.

Earlier this decade, I watched all 720+ episodes of every Star Trek series to date (thanks to Amazon Prime). My daughter turned into a fan of TNG and Voyager as a result. She was the only one in the household that would watch some episodes with me at the time.


I get stuck in TV watching limbo.

I have shows I want to watch with my wife, Daredevil, Dr. Who, SHIELD, and a few others, that she burns out on. She can’t stand the Doctors changing, she doesn’t like Face Heel turns, and other issues, but she likes the shows.

Then I have shows we all watch, we’re all watching Naruto right now, and a couple others.

Then there are shows I watch, Bleach being one of them, but I’ve burned through the Netflix content on that one so I’m ticked.

Trying to coordinate the moods of everyone to watch what we all want to watch is a pain. And then every time I start something new on my own I stop because “X” would want to see this. My wife watches Hitler shows on her own and just about anything with Tanks in it, except for old war movies. My youngest watches Youtube Let’s Plays on her free time.


I sort of started down this path a while back. I was interrupted when Enterprise was originally airing, so I didn’t get to see the last season, maybe season and a half. When I noticed it was available on Prime, I restarted and watched it all from the beginning. I really enjoyed it, but may go back and rewatch it again later. I’m pretty sure there are things I missed during the times where it was running in the background at work. Since I was on a roll, I went through ST:TOS next, and was surprised at how many I had not seen before. I’m fairly certain that I’ve seen all of ST:TNG, so I skipped it and moved on to Voyager. I don’t know if I’ll continue to DS9 when I’m done with Voyager. I used to watch DS9 when it was airing, but after a few years, it failed to hold my interest, which was kind of disappointing.


I just thought of another one I want to add to the queue - Primeval. BBC show. Mostly pretty good, but can be annoying at times, so it is best for those days when you just want to turn your brain off and enjoy the ride. I started watching on BBC America quite a while back, then it disappeared, then much later (years?) they had some more episodes, but there was a major disconnect, like maybe someone was in an alternate universe or something? Anyway, I’m curious about what happened in the middle.

Also, it is time to watch The IT Crowd again; it’s been a couple years for me.


I had trouble getting into this show. It is in no way bad, just perhaps not as good at ‘hooking’ the viewers as Band of Brothers was. BoB, in my mind, would be a great way to get more mature children interested in the history of WWII, even if it is admittedly a pretty US-centric point of view.


Soooooo much this!!! I started 2 or 3 times to watch the first episode before I got to the end. Admittedly, there may have been outside factors - house distractions like getting called away for dinner - but still, it took too long to sink the hook in the first episode.

Funny story - after watching the first 2 or 3 episodes of Band of Brothers, stepson came over while I was watching The Pacific, probably episode 3 or 4. After 10 or 15 minutes, he was really getting into it, but terribly confused… none of the names were familiar, they were Marines not Army Paratroopers, fighting Japs not Germans.
"Dude, what happened to the other guys?"
Errr, different show.
“Ohhhhhh. Good, I’m not crazy.”


This is the order I went through:

  1. DS9

  2. Voyager

  3. TNG

  4. Enterprise

  5. TOS

I started with DS9 because that was the one that remembered most fondly. I still think it has the most consistently good episodes across all the series, although stinkers are still there to be found.


DS9 is great because, to me, it’s a counterpoint t the rest of the series.It consistently shows the Federation in a much less morally sound light than other series.

I’ve been watching Voyager lately, and I I feel lit might have been pretty good if it had been written in the modern environment, specifically with:

  • Shorter Seasons (less “Filler” stories, like almost any Holodeck story)
  • More willingness to do multi-episode story arcs, even season-long stories. (Make the Marquis as unwilling crew more of a recurring plot point; more character growth)
  • Cast expect things to be a bit looser (Kill crew off without being a “Very Special Episode”)
  • Have an overriding person or person that cares. Voyager seemed bereft of this at times. This could be more to do with longer seasons and needing to fill, though.

There’s still good parts, just a lot of weird missteps and such. The Doctor is almost always enjoyable, even when he gets off into the ‘weeds’ of holodeck stuff and such. On the other hand, apparently their Native American Cultures adviser just watched Dances with Wolves a whole bunch of times and a lot of the cast just didn’t like the other actors or science fiction in general, which was problematic.


On a related topic… one of the OTA stations here that show “legacy” stuff just re-started DS9.

Forgot how much fun they had with character development.


DS9 was the favorite ST flavor of one of my buddies. He said he liked it because it was dirtier or grittier, not all shiny and clean like the others. But he’s from Louisiana. :wink:


DS9 seemed like a direct response to Babylon 5, which was showing at the same time. DS9 has the richest storyline and character development of all of the Star Trek shows, in my opinion.


Well, there were allegations that they shared some origins in JMS shopping around the B5 concept to various studios, including Paramount… The two have some similarities, but are very different in detail and execution in my opinion.


I was thinking more along the lines of a continuing storyline rather than the episode to unrelated episode model that was more traditional to Star Trek.