What television show are you watching?


Have you watched any of the Rurouni Kenshin movies? Satou Takeru is very good as Kenshin. I just finished watching the third movie last week.


I watched the first one and thought it was excellent and very true to the show And I agree about Satou Takeru. I just got 2 & 3 last night. I might get to them this weekend. I also found my copies of Samurai X and a couple of my Crying Freeman and Casshern shows. Including my unwatched Casshern Sins and the live action Casshern movie . I see a lot of shows in my future…


Well that sucked. Fired up movies 2 and 3 to disappointment. Not in the movies themselves, but 2 didn’t have subtitles or an English track and 3 was horribly mistranslated. Luckily I have a friend who has them both and he’s going to let me borrow them. They did look good though.


If you want to buy Japanese shows on DVD, you can get fansubs here. There are usually disclaimers if the subs are truly terrible, but be warned that if there’s a disclaimer, you’d better understand Japanese. :wink:


I’ve run across that site but never used them. I’ll give it a try if these ones are horrible.


Woot! He came through. I gots me some watching. I loved what I saw of Makoto Shishio.


I’ve been ordering from them for years. They haven’t been getting as many English subbed shows as they used to lately, but it’s still the best source that I’ve found.

Here’s another site that’s really cheap, but the video quality is really poor. I’ve only ordered from them a couple of times because of the poor quality. Oh, and if you order from them, pay the extra $2 for shipping with tracking. I didn’t for my first order, and it took over eight weeks to arrive. I’d contacted the company in the meantime, and they replaced the order, but I paid for the tracking and got much better service.


I’m watching Journey to Argartha. And all the dubbed voices sound like they are on helium. Is this normal?

I also can’t tell the difference between anyone’s voices. Not normally an issue, but it’s on my phone while I’m doing boring work and I’m not really paying attention to the screen so visual indicators are useless.

Edit: And now I know why, apparently in order to avoid copyright issues they futz with the tonality and light levels of the movie. Suppose I shouldn’t watch bootleg Youtube Anime, I suppose I could just watch TriGun on Netflix.


HUMANS, The Making of the Mob, Cutthroat Kitchen, The Next Food Network Star, Alone, Mountain Men, Suits, Tyrant, Falling Skies, Hell on Wheels, Hannibal (Very far behind this season), The Strain, Mythbusters (although I miss the “interns” a lot), Alaska, the Last Frontier.

I have trimmed back some.


+1 to Humans. It was a great story.

Finished my Kenshin movies this weekend. I would’ve liked to see some of the smaller stories expanded more (like the 10 Swords characters. Unless you watched the shows, you don’t know that Usui is blind on the beach) but there’s only so much you can show. My only wish is that they made Sanosuke a bit too hot headed and clownish. Although I did like his tickling of the monk as a fighting style.


I’m watching Naruto, taking a break watching HunterxHunter. Also Soul Eater.

Fun shows, but I hope Naruto stops screaming all his lines at some point.


It’s not a television show, but I have been watching my father’s Criterion Collection of Zatoichi; The Blind Swordsman films on Blu-ray. It’s a set of 25 films made between 1962 and 1973 about a blind masseuse who also happens to be a highly skilled swordsmen that helps out folks in trouble with local yakuza bad guys. For a blind guy, he really knows how to cut down dozens of bad guys with his cane sword. All I have left to watch is the last film and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the ride even though the plots don’t vary much from film to film.

The Zatoichi films are also available on Hulu for those that might be interested in checking it out.


Dr Who, “The Girl Who Died” on BBC One HD.

It was a fairly good episode. The Vikings were alright if moderately inaccurate, the story was decent if a little tame, oh yeah, and Clara still isn’t dead.

How is she still there? Nobody likes her. Episode ratings correlate directly to how much or little she appears in an episode. I can’t wait until she’d finally killed off, hopefully in excruciating agony to make up for the plethora of awfulness that was her hollow, shallow, single-dimensional characterless existence.

Also, Moffat needs a co-writer to stop him writing crap characters. He does so well when he’s writing story arcs and one-offs but he cannot write characters and he really, really needs help with his maternal dominatrix issues.


Once you start assigning common (over-used, trite, tired) plot-lines, you will be ready for the Dark Side.


An Amazon Original Series
I hadn’t planned on watching any of the locked in (HBO, Showtime, Netflix, or Amazon) series, but I have enjoyed the Michael Connelly books, so I decided to give it a shot. It isn’t exactly how I imagined in my head from the books, but it has held my interest, so I guess they’ve done a good job with it. I hope they do a second season.


Thanks! It’s good to get a good review now and again. :slight_smile:




Bosch was excellent. Not a lot of gun fights or submarine chases, but a good, olde-fashioned detective story. Both the Dragonlady and I enjoyed it.


And the second season has started, woo hoo!
I’ve been running Start Trek (TOS) at work, partially for background noise - not toooooo distracting. I’d like to run Bosch, but it requires paying closer attention, and I can’t be broadcasting some of the language around the office, so it has to wait for free time outside of work. (sigh)


i have been watching 24 on my second screen, not overly fond of it it, but its a good white noise to work on side projects or for gaming.