What television show are you watching?

We had a recent discussion that went kind of like this:

So, which dead baby mystery do you want to watch tonight?

We’re watching the HBO Perry Mason series and the 2nd season of The Alienist both of which have child murders as a major plot point. They’re both interesting in different ways, but we’re worried we’re getting our plot points mingled between the two.

May I suggest you add Broadchurch to the mix? :wink:

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We did watch that… I think we’re caught up. I don’t remember it being quite as graphic though.

(S2 of The Alienist literally has a scene where a murderer leaves a dead baby in a toy store and a little girl picks it up thinking it’s a doll.)

Yikes. I read two of the books (not sure how many there are) and they were very good, but I don’t remember much about them.

My Hero Academia.

I’m guessing the series may play up some of the romantic elements, but it’s enjoyable. I feel like I ‘tracked’ the S1 mystery a bit more. (Each season is a single ‘case.’)

I think I’m a little underwhelmed with how they closed out Agents of SHIELD but I need to watch the finale again to be sure.

And I might need to go back and re-watch some bits of S6 (especially the final episode there).

I’ve got two words for you: Game of Thrones.
I’m satisfied. Well, except that we don’t get to see what happened to Deke.

We watched the first episode of Lovecraft Country last night. It was exactly what I was expecting: filled with danger and the promise of more to come.

Westworld S3 while I’m in a hotel with streaming HBO.

Rust Valley Restorers. I’m a sucker for old cars… It’s on Netflix


11th Doctor DVD set came in yesterday.

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Season 2 of The Boys

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Season 3 (I think) of Ozark. I think we’re a little cool on it compared to other seasons. It feels like characters are being stupid for no reason other than plot reasons. I am normally fine with characters doing stuff because they think they know better than other people or just plain emotional reactions, but in this case I think we have the character who is Mr. Logic and Risk Assessment making decisions that obviously raise the risk level he is so concerned about.

It’s a good show otherwise, and I hope it gets back on track mid-season. I don’t know the character name, but the assistant who used to be a small-time local con artist is a fun character and needs to be used better.

Alright, it’s been 12 years.
Time to re-watch Breaking Bad.

Hmmmmm. That’s a 22 GB download. I’ll start watching tomorrow, then.

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It has absoluterly ruined milk for me.

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In happier viewing and a show I’m totally late to the party to, the 2017 Ducktales is pretty enjoyable. I didn’t watch the original much, but enough to grasp the basic concept. This one has a bit more of a ‘serial’ nature: There’s some (but not many) slow-burning plot threads that evolve throughout the series.

Notably, the voice actors are great. David Tennant is Scrooge, going full Scottish with glee. So many secondary characters are actors I recognize like Paul F. Thompkins, Marc Evan Jackson, Margo Martindale, and many more. John DiMaggio is in it, but then it’s hard to make an animated project without him just showing up I think.

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There’s many good episodes awaiting you. You’ll be able to get caught up very quickly. Disney doing a little better with releasing episodes. It’s not the same “we’ll release a new episode when we feel like it” routine they’ve had before. New episodes start on the 21st.

When David told friends he’d landed the role, he received some very practical advice: “Don’t screw this up.” I think the very best example I’ve heard of how well he’s done comes at the end of season two and is probably the shortest line he’s recorded. It’s just two words, but you’ll know what I mean when you hear it.

I feel like the direction to Tennant was basically, “More Scottish!” and every time he said… “Aye.”


At least it wasn’t “more cowbell”.

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