What television show are you watching?

I was talking to my wife about how all the kids who go through this will remember it for ages. It’s a watershed moment. Like a long form of Kennedy being shot, or the Challenger disaster.

This isn’t a television show, but a podcast. It’s up to episode 30, but I’ve just finished the first one. It’s hilarious!

Dungeons and Daddies

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Just like our grandparents had weird habits they picked up during the Depression, we’ll have stuff we do because we lived through through the pandemic of 2020.

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ABC is changing their Thursday night lineup so they’ve got a one hour special this coming Thursday that sounds like something we need right now: The Disney Family Singalong. From the announcement on the D23.com website:

We’ve got breaking news that will bring music to your ears—literally! ABC has just announced it will broadcast a magical one-hour television special, The Disney Family Singalong , on Thursday, April 16 (8–9 p.m. EDT), hosted by Ryan Seacrest and featuring an unbelievable lineup of celebrities and their families who will take on favorite Disney songs from their own homes. Among the familiar faces we can look for are Disney Legend Christina Aguilera, Erin Andrews, Bobby Bones, Michael Bublé, Kristin Chenoweth, Auliʻi Cravalho, Luke Evans, Jordan Fisher, Josh Gad, Derek Hough, Julianne Hough, Carrie Ann Inaba, Little Big Town, Disney Legend Kenny Ortega, Donny Osmond, Thomas Rhett, Amber Riley, John Stamos, and many more from across The Walt Disney Company portfolio, including The Walt Disney Studios, Walt Disney Television, Disney Music Group, Disney Theatrical Productions, and beyond.

I was surprised that I recognized 5 of those names. Of course, Donny Osmond is from the 70s, when I was a kid, and John Stamos was big in the 80s - was Full House a Disney show?

I’ve never listened to a podcast in my life, but the first couple of minutes of this kind of drew me in already.

It sure, but Stamos is a regular for Disney events. I think k I heard on a podcast that he bought some old Disneyland signage and had it in his backyard. Like, the big signs that are meant to be seen from nearby highways.

I will add it to my list. I have so many I listen to now it’s ridiculous…

I had found and downloaded the entire run of Moonlighting, but it just wasn’t worth it to see Bruce Willis with hair.

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I saw enough Moonlighting when it was new that it was unusual to see him without hair (or maybe, with less hair) in movies.

Check out a movie called Sunset - I think it was his first starring role. Lots of hair and it’s a damned good movie to boot. He plays Tom Mix and James Garner is Wyatt Earp, who’s come to Hollywood to consult on a movie.

And it’s all true. Give or take a lie or two. (That’s a quote from the movie.)

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I thought Die Hard was his first starring role. Also came out in 88.

IMDB shows this one as the same year, but before it.
Sunset just finished downloading (it was really slow) and we’ll watch it today/tonight.
There are a lot of known actors in this and it’ll be fun to see them pop up.

Full House ended in 1995, Disney bought ABC in 1996.

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Yeah, I eventually googled it. Apparently, Stamos is just a huge Disney fan.

He does a lot of events for them, too. I think he’s reliably in Florida for their Christmas events, for example. I think because he can present and sing?

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Malcolm McDowell is brilliant. And I love seeing a young Andreas Katsulas as the chauffeur/muscle.

Spent a good portion of Sunday afternoon watching S4 of The Expanse. I took a break a few months ago after I finished S3 (just after S4 came out) and it sucked me back in HARD as soon as I started up again.

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It’s pretty good. I’m trying to decide if I want to get back into the novels. (I stopped around book 3, I think.) I’ve heard commentary that they did well at making S4 better by combining plots from a couple books and generally tightening things up.

I still feel like the books have a less ‘paranoid’ relationship with the main crew I prefer, but both versions are good.

Slowly working my way through For All Mankind. It started good and has really (pardon the pun) taken off halfway in.

Picked up Agent Carter with dakson last week, and I started on The Last Dance (the final season of the '90s Bulls dynasty) a few nights ago.