What television show are you watching?

I watched the first episode at a friend’s house. The sheer amount of “that’s so f**king wrong” made me hate it before the halfway mark.

TV has Netflix & Hulu built in already. Kids like to watch a lot of crap that isn’t on either service though. Wife likes a lot of cable stuff too.

John Pertwee was my Doctor. I liked Eccleston; I’ve only seen one Tennant episode so far, so the jury’s still out for me on him. :smile:

The one thing I miss is The Food Network.


But Netflix is carrying a lot of that stuff now. Problem is I used to watch those channels and just veg, now I have to pick something.

Tom Baker was my Doctor too.

Tennant is my favorite new one. He brings some needed pathos to the character. Of course, that was the thing about Baker too. Followed by a grin, and a sparkle, and then we’re off again.

Still want a scarf like that.

Seems like a lot of us think of Tom Baker as the Doctor. I really liked Eccleston, though. He had a joie de vivre that none of the others have had so far.

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I feel like he really tried to ‘modernize’ the series, while others since him have been reverting to the norm. Re-watching his episodes, there was a little hint of basically being a bit messed up from PTSD and such even though most of that was never explained on-screen until an actor or two later. All of the actors were good, but I like that he felt like he was doing his own thing more than playing a well-trod part.

Writing was certainly a part of that too. The first Dalek episode in the new series was scary and a bit emotional in points. Unfortunately it then became an annual event for the ‘Dalek episode’ and I now think there’s some sort of ‘take a number’ queue with a Dalek, a Cyberman, and a Weeping Angel lined up waiting for their annual mandatory appearance.

Sounds like my so-called social life.

I’m trying to work my way through “24”. Unfortunately, there have been incidents in the last month where I lost my place. I have the complete Warehouse 13, but… I want to be excited to watch it, and I haven’t been able to manage that lately. Watching it while I am upset would just ruin it for me.

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Yep, Jon Pertwee / Tom Baker (mostly Tom Baker) were my main doctors.
I’m just going through the Ecclestone episodes now and I’m really enjoying them.

My kids are both David Tennant though. They (mistakenly) believe that he’s the best doctor.

We watch alot of sports, and the DIY-type shows. And by alot of sports, I mean all the sports. Auto racing, Motocross, football, hockey, baseball, tennis, basketball, Little League World Series. Even curling when it’s on. So cutting the cord just isn’t in the cards for us… Ooh! Boat racing. Horses. Softball. College volleyball. Sometimes lacrosse…

Maybe we need a 12-step program… :slight_smile: Lest anyone think we are lazy, we also play many of these sports. So there’s that…

Then it qualifies as research.

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I wondered who out the kept The Ocho in business. I do miss catching Rally Racing, I don’t know any of the drivers, or the classes, or the locations, but I loved watching an Escort or Golf sliding through a corner sideways at 50 mph and then hitting a mud puddle or snow bank.

In the US, maybe. Not in Canada. You guys get a lot more stuff than we do, and I can’t be assed to set up a proxy so I can access the US Netflix yet. We do have a lot of cool stuff you don’t get - I think we get more British shows and documentaries.

I’m going to be (probably) the lone dissenter here. I disliked Tom Baker intensely, and actually stopped watching the series because of him. :smile: I really enjoyed Eccleston, though. I know a lot of people consider Tennant to be one of the best Doctors. Wasn’t totally impressed with his first appearance, so we’ll see.

I had to jump through some awful hoops to get access to Sanctuary.

Forget trying to find Hex (British).

I just finished watching Orange Marmalade. I really enjoyed the webtoon, so I was looking forward to watching it. Unfortunately, the story they made up had very little to do with the story in the webtoon and wasn’t very good. :frowning: I was very disappointed.

I’ve been binge-watching Drop Dead Diva on Netflix. I’m really enjoying it, and I like the cases they take on - and the fact that the cases are as big a part of the show as Deb/Jane’s angst.

Woodman, are you still looking for a Fourth Doctor scarf? The one at Hot Topic is 20% off now, but that’s still $95.60. There’s a place over in the UK called Lovarzi that has three of his scarves from Seasons 12, 16 and 18.

Or, if you want to take up knitting, DoctorWhoScarf.com has the patterns. They put a LOT into that site:

  • the original scarf (with it’s Season 12, 12.5, 13 and 14 variations in the worsted and aran versions plus one for making the scarf in inches rather than rows) plus a “stunt duplicate” version
  • Season 15 (with a “Hero” and “Alt” design) and a scarf only seen in a publicity shot
  • scarves for Seasons 16/17, “End of Line” and one for Romana’s scarves
  • the Season 18 scarf
  • discussions of some of the previous commercial releases

If you do decide on DIY, make sure you go to the Links section to find your way to the Scarf-O-Matic, which will step you through selecting which scarf you’re working on and outputs the code so you can show the world your progress. The default value in the example is 42. :smile:

Regarding the Doctors, the local PBS station has been running episodes from #4 through #7, but I lost track after it disappeared from 7pm on Saturdays. I think they’re showing them later that night. I may have seen a few episodes here and there of those prior to Eccleston, but it was him that got me interested in the series. He should have stuck around, but if he had, we might not have got to see Tennant as the next one. Smith’s Doctor always seemed like he had ADHD and they kind of pointed that out in one of the Christmas specials where the mother basically asks him if he ever stops talking or slows down or something like that.

Titan Comics has new stories for Doctors 10, 11 and 12, with a mini-series for 9. I need to stop by the local comic shop and pick them up.

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I started re-watching Rurouni Kenshin as I have been getting the DVD’s into the media server. I’m missing a few chunks here and there though which is maddening. That and the entire season 2 of Wild Wild West. Luckily that’s not quite so bad. Other than that, I’ve been hooked on British quiz shows so 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown and Mock the Week. Would I Lie To You started this week too!