What television show are you watching?


Another favorite!

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WWII in HD Color. So weird but cool to see the old footage remastered and colorized. On Netflix.

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The Netflix one, season 4.

Also started watching Kingdom, same sort of cinematography, but much more active plot.


Umbrella Academy. We’ve only watched the first episode, but I think we’re going to continue - it’s at least holding our interest, if not outright wowing us. And it’s fun trying to identify all the places in Toronto and the GTA where it was filmed. :slight_smile: (Which is also part of the fun of watching The Handmaid’s Tale.)

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Game of Thrones season 7, so I’m up to speed when season 8 drops.

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Just saw an ad that says Rooster Teeth is offering free streaming on a lot of their shows tomorrow. Gen:Lock probably won’t be included, but there’s other interesting shows there.