What television show are you watching?


I finished Voltron last night. The ending had a couple surprises, and I feel like they transitioned from riffing on Robotech to full-on Gurren Lagaan for the last couple episodes.That’s not a bad thing, admittedly.

I am also considering trying to re-watch the (now ancient) anime Armored Trooper Votoms which is a lot grimmer than Voltron ever got. How many cartoons steal the plot fromt he first Rambo movie for the first season of it? And then go into a mix of Vietnam War tropes, following it up with bits borrowed from Dune and A Clockwork Orange?


Watching Bones again from the beginning on DVD - we’re at the start of season 4 now. A few things I realised as I’m watching:

  1. I really don’t like Booth. He’s an arrogant, disrespectful asshole a lot of the time, and a bully as well. He’s also a hypocrite at times as well, especially - in my opinion - around his faith. Bones, I can tolerate.

  2. I love watching Hodgins and Angela fall in love again.

  3. I’m enjoying the series more for the supporting characters than I am for the two main characters. I love the “squint squad” (although I hate that name). Ryan O’Neal as Brennan’s father is wonderful casting. Even Sweets is starting to grow on me. In fact, if it wasn’t for the supporting cast and the writing (I like the stories), I’d probably have washed my hands of the show because of point #1.

  4. Even though I knew it was coming, having watched the series when it first aired, I was still gutted at what they did with Zach in season 3.


First episode of gen:LOCK is available. It does have a big MechWarrior feel. I don’t have any other subscriptions beyond cable TV, so I should be able to fit this in my budget.


Re-watching Sherlock while I sip bourbon and run through endless bass guitar exercises. It’s about as zen as I get.


I’m totally doing the threatened Armor Trooper Votoms re-watch, but only when I’m getting ready for work and/or working from home as it’s not remotely my wife’s thing. It’s a distinctly weird series. A little heard to have on in the background as it’s subtitled anime, but still good.

I also started finally watching Ash vs. Evil Dead which is pretty awesome. The music choices really help a lot. Also, that Ash is a mechanical genius and successful with women despite also being a massive loser and incompetent in so many things. I only have season 1 at hand, but now that I’m getting into it may pick up seasons 2-3.


I accidentally started watching RWBY. It’s pretty nifty.

I think one of my favorite parts is when they are in a team together they call out plays. It’s a great way to hit the name the power trope and to explain how people do these complex moves during combat.


Trust me. Stop after season 1.


Starting with Stargate SG1.

Watched Stargate Continuum (after the original Stargate) and realized I’m missing out a lot of stuff…


I started watching SG1 recently as well. I’m into Season 6, I believe, and there are parts where I just want to skip to some of the big overarching episodes and leave some of the “episode-a-day” ones alone, but it’s been fun.


Keep watching, but firmly disconnect brain.

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