What television show are you watching?


I had to separate my expectations for Altered Carbon early. It felt like they were cherry picking all of the source material to try to cram into the first novel and tell ‘that’. Not completely bad, but I think they stand alone better than they stand together. I was really looking forward to the Hendrix though…


I liked the Poe version, though. Especially since he became a bit more of an active companion as opposed to just a Weird Thing that shows up in a couple scenes. I’ve heard it might have been because the Hendrix Estate might have wanted to get involved.

I didn’t finish the 1st season, but it could be interesting if they actually do try and cover the plots of the 2nd and 3rd books… Which are supposed to be a generation or two down the timeline effectively, to the point where tech in 1 is ancient in 2 much less 3.


The long wait between the final two seasons is killing me. :skull:


The Marvelous Miss Maisel is pretty good. Second season just dropped: Late 50s NYC: a woman has an ugly break-up with her husband and ends up becoming a stand up comedian after flashing the audience and getting arrested.


That looks kind of interesting. Thanks.


I have been watching an anime series called “You’re Under Arrest”. It’s about a traffic enforcement division in Japan that isn’t respected because it’s staffed with oddballs:

  • the motorcycle cop who never takes off his sunglasses and is extremely awkward around the co-worker he likes
  • the one who is late to work so often that she keeps making elaborate excuses as to why she’s late and is setting a record for writing “apology letters”
  • the overly eager new recruit who takes the lax attitude of the department as an affront
  • the chief who seems to do more reading than anything else
  • the cop who is strong enough that she can lift a car to tip it over and can throw a baseball or an octopus (yes, really) fast enough to take out a criminal a long ways away
  • Et cetera. (I don’t want to list all of them)

It’s from Sentai Filmworks and is amongst the series that is only available in Japanese with English subtitles, so I have to make sure I’ve got time to read the subtitles.

So far, there really isn’t a lot of action or hard drama, so I consider it a lightweight/breezy show to watch mostly for cultural differences, such as the episode with someone pretending to be a cop counting on this department not going past their jurisdictional boundries. And how an “apology letter” seems to be an acceptable answer to minor problems in a culture that seems to treat apologies very seriously, up to the point of falling on your sword if it’s serious enough. Or is that a stereotype? I don’t really know.


I have that one on DVD. It was fun, and as you said, lightweight. Not one I’d watch again, though.


Yes. This is amazing. I took your advice and gave it a try. We’re mid-way through the second season now.

Just found an older HBO series called Hung. Looks like it is right up my street. Plus, I just love Thomas Jane.


I’ve been watching an anime called Gate on Amazon Prime. It’s pretty cool. My favorite part being the characters acknowledging their attraction to magic girls, and cat girls and all that shortly before running into them in the other world that has gated into theirs. It doesn’t pretend that an attractive woman in a maid’s outfit and cat ears and tail isn’t something that a Japanese soldier wouldn’t be freaking out over.

Very realistic depiction of cavalry with swords against modern forces, even if some of them are on dragons.

It does assume that the Japanese special forces could take out a US, Russian, and Chinese team of special forces simultaneously. Which was kind of funny, but well written so it didn’t jar me too much.

A bit too sexual to watch with my 11 year old, a couple BDSM (Frankly more like flat abuse or rape) scenes behind a curtain and one of the characters goes into heat around people dying.

I do shudder every time they say Princess Pina Co Lada’s name.


Let me guess. She’s in a relationship she’s getting bored and tired of, so she goes through all the effort of trying to find someone new, but when she gets to the place where she’d arranged to meet the person on a blind date, she discovered the brand new person she has so much in common with is the person she’s already in a relationship with, who also had become bored and sought out someone new.


The Orville comes back next Sunday and they’re going to do the same thing as last season, which is to show the next episode just a few days later in its regular Thursday night slot.

When I described it last year, I said it was a lot like Star Trek if Star Trek didn’t take itself too seriously. That was because of how the Fox marketing department advertised the show. There’s a pretty good article on the Fandom website about how it’s going to be different. A different article I read a while back said there will be more drama than comedy in this season. The article I linked to makes it sounds like Seth MacFarlane has a bit more backing from Fox this time around since they gave him extra time to work on episodes.


If you haven’t seen the new Ducktales cartoon, watch it. It’s another series that isn’t written just for kids. If you liked Gravity Falls, there’s elements of magic in this one, too. Plus, it’s got David Tennant as Scrooge McDuck and Catherine Tate at Magica DeSpell.


I had mixed feelings about the season 2 premiere. It was an okay episode, but not great, IMHO. More setting up some character stuff for this season, I think, than anything else. I did like how they actually made the “pee ceremony” something meaningful and rather serious after making jokes about it earlier in the episode.

Apparently (according to my source :slight_smile:) this Thursday’s episode is the season 1 ep they didn’t air last year.


We continue to enjoy the Great British baking Show or, as it’s known in the UK, The Great British Bake Off and it’s ancillary shows such as Masterclass, the confusing labeling between PBS releases and Netflix releases, and so on.
It remains a surprisingly positive reality show: It focuses on people trying things moreso than the yelling and scheming.


There’s a bunch of “fighting mecha” anime series, with the Gundam franchise being a big one. Though it’s one of my favorite types of anime to watch, I really haven’t watched a lot, and none recently. So, for what I’m about to say, I may have already missed out on a series that covers the subject.

This Saturday, Rooster Teeth premieres a new animated series called gen:LOCK. It really looks like a MechWarrior TV series that takes place on Earth and political factions settle differences with 'mechs. The previews on the website indicate it will have more than just bot fighting, naturally. Pretty impressive voice cast: Michael B. Jordan, Dakota Fanning, Maisie Williams and David Tennant are the ones I recognize.

It’s the first series that immediately captured my interest and I will likely get a subscription so I can watch the series after the free first episode.


Yeah, RT’s been hyping gen:LOCK pretty heavy. It’s their second major animation show (alongside RWBY) but it’s the first to have major voice talent coming in from day 1 for everything. I’m interested to see how it runs, but having to get a subscription just to watch that is putting me off a little bit. I DO consume some other RT content (RWBY, I watch Achievement Hunter videos on Youtube, I watch the RT Podcasts) but I don’t know if it would be enough to be worth yet another subscription price.

Especially since the last time I used the RT site to watch anything, their player didn’t play nice with my Chromecasts when it came to switching videos…


I’m still trying to get through the recent Voltron show. It’s good, but I seem to only b able to watch a few episodes at a time.

Was Season 7 supposed to have a Robotech riff? I felt like it was teasing “vehicle Voltron” but then swerved to something more Robotech-inspired.

I give the show credit for surprising me by going in unexpected directions.


We just binged 2 seasons of Future Man. It isn’t for everyone, and I’m surprised that the dragonlady actually watched it with me.
It is ultra violent, extremely crude, juvenile, but the writing is tight.


Everyone here needs to watch Valley of the Boom. It’s a really interesting story of the birth of the internet and the browser wars. It’s got some great actors and is brilliantly shot/told.


I watched the first episode, but haven’t gone any further. I want to get the wife to watch the first one, and see if she likes it or not… then I’ll know if I can proceed or need to wait for her. It takes a lot longer to watch a show that she likes, because I have to wait until we’re both available. But it is nice to have something we can share!