What television show are you watching?


I liked MitHC but have a feeling they’re not really that interested in exploring some of the central themes. The whole “movies from a different world” plotline seems to get dropped for soap opera shenanigans, although there’s still some weirdness going on.


Somehow, I got the impression that they were going to have at least one more season of Man in the High Castle, but it seems like it should have dropped by now if it was going to.

I resumed watching The Last Ship when I have a free hour or two in the evening. I liked season 1, but stalled out in season 2. It had a few episodes in season 2 that annoyed me, but also had some good ones mixed in and after. I watched the last episode of season 2 last night. OMG, did they really kill off that character??

A week or two ago, I finished season 2 of the version of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency with the Frodo guy. So strange, but good, too.


Very soon. October maybe? It’s in the coming soon lineup on Amazon…


I think there’s a MitHC season coming soon.


The end of Dirk Gently was kind of sad. Not because the last episode wasn’t good, but because they had set things up to let the series take off and the BBC canceled the series.

Yet another example of how John Rogers’ method of making every season as if it will be the last season, so that if there are no more episodes, everything’s wrapped up.


Siglet Primus (now 10) has decided that he loves Doctor Who so we’re watching these again. David Tennant is his favorite, until he saw Matt Smith episodes.

I bought and watched S1 of Westworld a few months ago after catching a few episodes on HBO. I really enjoyed it all; the ending was pretty mind-blowing and now I need to watch it all again. But I’ve heard S2 was a dumpster fire.


I didn’t think so, but I do think season 2 started better than it finished. @Lee_Ars is into the show so maybe he can chime in.


We tried Gunpowder last night. I think it was out in the BBC a year ago? Lots of Game of Thrones people in a period drama about the whole conspiracy to blow up parliament I mainly know due to V for Vendetta. Kit Harrington/John Snow is heavily involved, and apparently a descendant of the character he plays.

I fell asleep during it, so can’t say much. We’ll find out tonight if $Wife wants to finish it or not, and may delay a day or two.

We also finished Season 2 of Ozark which is pretty good.


“Dumpster fire” is definitely not how I’d describe it—there are some amazing moments in there, and the ending of S2 wraps up enough that it could have functioned as a series finale if needed.

I’ve had a few weeks to think about how I feel about WW season 2. My first impression on finishing episode 10 was a big fat WTF. As with S1, there were a buttload of important reveals that were held back until the very last ep and watching the season knowing those reveals changes the character of a lot of the season’s events. After re-watching the whole show start to finish, my opinion has moderated significantly. I think the creators went a little too far up their own asses, but I don’t think the season was bad.

My tl;dr I guess would be that if you liked WW S1, you absolutely should watch S2. You should know going into it that the mindfuckery is dialed up to 11 and that you have to see all ten episodes in order to really judge the season, and you should know that as with S1, the final episode throws a hell of a lot of information at you.

But I wouldn’t call it a dumpster fire. I enjoyed it.

The problem, though, is whether or not a show that demands that much out of you can be enjoyable. Can you get away with a piece of mass-market entertainment that is essentially incomprehensible unless you pay very, very close attention and literally take notes as you go along? HBO can, because HBO is HBO, but I don’t think even HBO will pay for another season like S2 was. I thought S1 was baroque, but at least from the perspective of “shit you have to keep track of,” S2 makes S1 look like a practice run. If S1 was a fun and decently engaging word find, S2 is an expert-level sudoku puzzle.

Lots of folks love expert-level sudoku puzzles, but lots more folks don’t.


We’ve skipped WestWorld so far… True Detective has a similar really bad S2, but I’m cautiously hopeful that the S3 they’re working on will be better. In that case it’s a bit different as each season is a self-contained story with different casts.


Westworld S1 is some of the best TV I’ve ever seen, even if S2 didn’t quite measure up. The best part about it is that you only need to give it a single episode. Watch the WW S1 pilot—you’ll know by the time the episode is over if you’re in love with it or not. If you don’t like the pilot, you absolutely should bail on the show because it only gets crazier from there.

But there’s nothing on TV I’d recommend more.


I basically agree with what you said and you explained it much better than I could. I do think Nolan and Joy need to dial it back a bit - they did try to get way too cute. That being said, this show is the best mindfuck around, IMO.


I only knew from early reports via social media; I didn’t travel much the last six months, so was not staying in hotels with HBO (which is how I got exposed to S1). I adored S1, so I will pick up S2 sometime and find out.