What television show are you watching?


I usually try the website when the app makes it hard to find things. Vudu can be a pain to navigate, too.


Impulse. If you enjoyed Orphan Black, this has a lot of ties to it. It’s another Canadian sci-fi show, but also a high school teenager drama. It has Tatiana Maslany’s brother in it, who is also in another Canadian show called Murdoch Mysteries. It took me a while to make the connection because instead of an early 30’s detective, he’s playing a 15 year old boy. Very convincingly. I won’t say anything about the show. Try it. You’ll like it.


Thanks for the reminder! I got sidetracked off Orphan Black somewhere around the season 2 end - start of 3. I need to finish watching it.


Mr. TM and I watched the first couple of episodes of OB but we just couldn’t get into it.


Just started rewatching The Nanny on Amazon Prime. It’s fun, light, and sometimes just what I need after a long day at work.


We are binging Arrested Development when I’m home in the evenings. I know we’re massively late to the party, but $Wife never watched it, and I only watched a few episodes due to it being a show you don’t want to miss episodes of due to tons of continuity and callbacks.


Well, OB is definitely not light watching. I have gone back a couple times and re-watched an episode, just to check if I missed something.

Arrested Development is an odd duck, a combination of fun & light and complicated continuity. I didn’t watch it for a long time because the promos didn’t do a very good job of making me have any desire whatsoever to see it. Someone who was visiting was flipping channels and put it on. It took about 10-15 minutes after an initial “WTF, this is completely stupid” reaction before I started to appreciate the humor. After that, I gave it a shot and watched from the beginning, and really enjoyed it.


I binged seasons 1-3 of AD, then watched 4 at a more leisurely pace. Didn’t enjoy S4 at all but muddled through it. I tried to pick up the re-cut version that was just released and had trouble getting into the first episode.

Not sure if I’m going to attempt S5. I want to like AD, and enjoyed the first 3 seasons. S4 just fell flat for me, I think because of how it was produced.


I slogged through season 4, too. I read there were issues, like with network meddling, or writers or other behind the scenes folks. I don’t remember if I saw S5, though. As I recall, it may not have been available with Amazon Prime at the time, so may be not.


AD Season 4 & 5 are Netflix-only.

The main issue w/ S4 production was that they couldn’t get all the talent on set at the same time. So they’d film a scene from one angle with a stand-in because Jessica Walter wasn’t available that week by Jason Bateman was, then a month later film from the other angle with another stand-in because she was available but he wasn’t. Or they’d do a whole episode that was just focused on one character’s events (or interpretation of events) because they were available for a few days.


Ahh, thanks. Just checked the episode descriptions on IMDB. Season 5 is the current one. I guess it was the end of season 3 that was the slog.


Norsemen, on Netflix. Pretty much a Vikings parody. Love me.some Vikings, but this is pretty funny.

Trying to get though or eliminate most of my watchlist… So I can watch GoT and not feel like there’s so many other things I could be catching up on as well. Tonight I started and then eliminated at least half a dozen shows. The movies are an entirely different story. :joy:


Home Improvement re-runs just kicked off on the oldies channel here.

Wife and I discovered it on a channel surf and almost went past… most of the reruns are good for a ho-hum “Oh, yeah, that old thing?” but we were openly laughing at Tim Taylor’s silliness.


Back in the 80s, I had a lot of comic books and amongst what I bought was “Cloak & Dagger”. You’ve got two teenagers that wind up with special powers and they learn to depend on each other. The boy has teleportation powers and something inside him that is very hungry, so it isn’t good if he wraps his cloak around you. The girl can throw daggers of light and those can put a damper on Cloak’s hunger.

Marvel’s doing a TV series on these two over on Freeform (formerly ABC Family, formerly Fox Family Channel, formerly The Family Channel, formerly The CBN Family Channel, formerly CBN Cable Network, originally Christian Broadcasting Network). I don’t remember if I caught the pilot, but I have seen episode 2 and 3. It’s building steadily, where you’ve got two kids who have had a rough life start having strange things happen to them and they’re trying to figure it out.

As of last night, they’re both having visions. She sees what happens when people keep going down their dark paths. He sees what could happen if they go down brighter paths. So so far, it’s interesting to see them begining to cope with it.

About the only drawback I see is that Freeform has chosen to show the same episode three times on the same night. Yesterday was episode 3, so from 8pm to 11pm, it was the same episode back to back to back. A better way of doing this is what other networks have done: do a repeat of last week’s episode before showing the new episode, so people can catch up if they missed it. And then if they want to repeat the new episode on the same night, show it a couple hours later.


I loved Cloak and Dagger! I may have to check that out.


We watched the first few episodes of C&D last night and it was pretty darned good. A high school teen drama for sure, but not irritatingly so. We found it very enjoyable.


The New Adventures of Monkey.

Okay, we’re not so much watching it as getting high as kites (innarcoticated? I tried inebriated but that’s just alcohol. I stake claim on the word innarcoticated) and putting it on for equal parts eyecandy and fremdschämen…


Just finished Bates Motel. Starting Man in the High Castle. Only a couple seasons of that. Really should start GoT soon but I just have so many things on the list. Between Amazon and Netflix I feel like I could binge watch my list and still take over a month. And my best friend keeps adding things to her Plex and I haven’t even started on those. Quite literally need to take a year sabbatical to catch up on all the stuff I want to watch… :grin:


We started watching a show called Take Two that is about a woman played by Rachel Bilson who played a cop on television and through a series of events ends up working with a detective agency. It’s kind of fun, but it won’t last.

Then, I heard about a show that just started called Carter that is about a guy who played a cop on television and through a series of events ends up working with the local police in his hometown of Thunder Bay. With Jerry O’Connell. I like it. It’s VERY Canadian, and the writing is tight. Jerry is starting to show his age, though. Still, he’s come a long way from My Secret Identity.


I binge-watched Carter a couple of weekends ago, and really enjoyed it. Supposedly they’re going to be filing Season 2 in September.